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2 questions - execute stable each # 1 and #2 are on unconnected pages and no over than 2 pages aggregate. no scarcity to be envelop spaced of formatted!  1. reconsideration the subjoined video and article: Target Talks Store Brands Development How to Develop a Secret Letter Expression Aligned After a while Retail Mark Strategy Product crop is the system of preliminary a fruit from concept through the guile and fable stages to fruit embark. When stores imagine their own marks and retail them in their own outlets, they belong to that mark as a secret letter. Why do you fancy retailers afloat doing fruit crop and secret letter marks? Target has mastered the fruit crop system. What has made Target such a achievement? What other retailers feel been achievementful after a while their own fruit crop and secret letters? 2. glean the subjoined articles: The Future of Mould Retailing: Part 1 – Uniqlo The Future of Mould Retailing: The Zara Approach (Part 2 of 3) The Future of Mould Retailing: The H&M Approach (Part 3 of 3) Uniqlo, Zara, and H&M feel beseem very lucrative by changing the formula of sales and mould forecasting. Why do you fancy U.S. retailers feel not enslaved heed? What can U.S. retailers glean from their models?