Japan topic 1 and 2

This is a assemblage scheme and i'm merely legal for 1 and 2. 200 signification on each theme and powerpoint slide introduction summarizing the two themes. Your structure has dedicated your team the job of preparing employees in your congregation for good-fortune agoing in a strange empire.  Your team accomplish designate which strange empire you accomplish pick-out, question to commendation by the preceptor.  Items to oration accomplish enclose the empire’s: Hierarchy and decision-making processes; Types of conflicts that may be encountered; Preferred managerial qualities; Privileges and/or invidiousness as it relates to sex, holiness, dispose, or status; Ethnicity and gender issues; Customs that may enjoy an contact on the structure’s way of doing business; Particular behaviors to escape.  Other areas signed in the Evaluation Criteria adown. The Strange Assignment PAPER accomplish be graded using the aftercited Evaluation Criteria: a. Adequately argue all the areas signed for the empire – 60%.  b. Provides an overall analysis and blank (7-9 sentences) – 15%.  c. Correct syntax and phraseology – 10%.  d. Correct spelling and punctuation – 10%. e. Correct APA mode performance for citations and references – 5%