Case study ocean blue

   1. What is the vulgar Blue Ocean furnish chain and how does it collision the union? 2. Does the union act a anatomical and nimble furnish chain, if not what needs to be tooled to amend this seat? 3. How can the union manipulate its vulgar and forthcoming suppliers? 4. What wayes should be tooled to fashion a long-term potent supplier shameful i.e. supplier framework? 5. Investigate the confusion of manufacturing vs customer demands – how could standardisation aid less? 6. How can the union tool a sales prevent rule to determine accumulation rolls sojourn at the roll to fly definite exact ordering and delays in vehicle builds? 7. What, if any, is the collision to manufacturing by making the effect persomal to the customer shameful or expanding the vulgar manufacturing dregs in Germany? 8. How can we plant a income way to amend customer contentment? Your role is to fruit a written narration to aid Ocean Blue counter-argument these questions aloft. It is expected to be cheered by academic references throughout.