Group project

Week 6 Draw BCP/DRP Project Plan Attached Files: •  Oregon State university - Guin Sorrow Recovery Plan.pdf (679.438 KB) •  Reduced-BCP-MIT 20151005 1345.pdf (52.726 KB) •  Disaster Recovery Plan-Tulane_University.pdf (1.252 MB) • Read - Introduction to Employment Continuity Planning (BCP), SANS (2002) Based on the scenario supposing in Week 4, postulate your assigned cluster is abetting the Wilmington Library.  Your cluster's toil is to clear a BCP/DRP Project Plan delay one of the indecent sorrow scenarios: •   o Cluster 1 – Natural Disasters - Snow, Flood, Hurricane, Tornadoes, and Earthquakes o Cluster 2 – Manmade Disasters - Hazardous Materials, Building energy, Electrical Outage o Cluster 3 – Manmade Disasters - Protest, Active Shooter, Bomb/Unknown Package o Cluster 4 – Manmade Disasters - Cyber Hack, Denial of Service, Data Compromise.  Given your cluster’s sorrow scenario, determine your cluster has conducted a Employment Impact Analysis (BIA) for the library. • As a cluster, clear a employment defense policy for the Library. (Hint: Look at the other library plans for examples.)  • Within your forum using the cluster discourse consultation incorporate underneath, sift-canvass and draw your cluster’s proposed BCP/DRP Project Plan in agreement delay the MIT BCP template.  Again, this is singly a draw; uninterruptedly you assent-to feedback (via the the cluster discourse consultation) your cluster conquer amend the plan and refer a terminal draw in Week 7.  • Using this assignment incorporate, EACH cluster part MUST refer the cluster draw for the BCP/DRP Project Plan.  (This is how each cluster part conquer get confidence for the assignment.) • Your assignment conquer be graded domiciled on the rubric, which can be viewed when clicking on the assignment incorporate.