Essay due 12pm tuesday 1-2 pages

Your job is to transcribe environing how I possess familiar as a transcriber, I possess composition finishedd that you can recognize and note it. Teacher Rubric- WRT 105: Cumulative Portfolio Assignment D. Smyth Your ultimate elder assignment for WRT 105 is to finished a portfolio that analytically reflects your movement in this line. You accomplish insufficiency to do a amiable job on this operation because you accomplish insufficiency to interest it delay you to nursery to reveal that you’ve accomplished nursery smooth composition, as you prosecute belief for the line. In union, it counts as 20% of the line proceeding. Your meditation should descend between 3-4 pages and must supervene usual format. Your portfolio accomplish be of a adroitly moulded store containing:  A secure page/table of divergency that lists each item in the portfolio in the adjust it appears.  A specific, Reflexive Essay discussing your movement as a transcriber, thinker, scholar, and idiosyncratic. This should as-well dismanner each deal-out of the portfolio, discussing what the manifold assignments parade environing your movement and efforts.  It is compulsory to select your own papers in adjust to clearly criticise how your writing and thinking possess evolved balance occasion.  The elder papers you did for this line (Jumpstart, Analysis, Argument), including and peer sheets, drafts WITH pedagogue comments, and rubrics.  Additional assignments: starting delay summer assignment through now, including dialogic journals, recognizeing notes, collocate notes, bountiful transcribes, invention portfolio secure pages, etc.  No want to comprise obdurate copies of your scrutiny materials.  Anything else you reach would be revealing or advantageous.