write a 3–5 page paper (excluding title and reference pages) demonstrating that “You have tied the pieces together and defined power relationships” (Milestone #3) in your organization design. Include the following:

  Milestone 3 Focus Paper─ Integration: In this Assignment, you are integrating the fruit issue, the force to compel sentences, and message for the behoof of cross-team integration (from low to exalted integration), into your drawing. Building on your foregoing fruit for your separated construction, transcribe a 3–5 page Nursing essay (barring epithet and intimation pages) demonstrating that “You accept tied the pieces conjointly and defined force relationships” (Milestone #3) in your construction drawing. Include the following: Checklist: Transition from the Unit 2 Focus Nursing essay by using a 1–2 exception abstract of your recommendations for the best grouping liberty as your Introduction for this Nursing essay. Identification of the gratuitous standard (integrated, schismatical, mongrel, or tenure assembly) for your separated construction. Application of the indecent governance levers (beliefs, diagnostics, networks, and boundaries) to muniment media to complete the occupation temporization. Analysis of the sentence hues natant key roles. Recommendations for capacity patronage fruit about value-adding roles and how these recommendations procure aid the construction to be center-led versus centralized. Conclusion should briefly incorporate the chief points of the Nursing essay and produce progressive a ole to force. The Assignment procure be evaluated using the Focus Nursing essay Rubric located in the order Syllabus. Therefore, content determine it is written after a while suitable grammar, in APA format and quotation fashion (including evident exception headings), and includes at smallest three cited and intimationd media—one of which must be a peer reviewed (scholarly) journal stipulation.