Social Networking Explodes Worldwide

Social Networking Explodes Worldwid… Press Release Gregarious Networking Explodes Worldwide as Sites Acception their Rendezvous on Cultural Kindred Facebook and Hi5 Spent than Embrace Global Usurper Bases During Elapsed Year RESTON, VA, August 12, 2008 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a head in measuring the digital globe, today released a consider of globewide manner of gregarious networking positions, indicating that conjuncture the enlargement in new users in North America is foundation to roll off, it is burgeoning in other tract-of-lands about the globe.During the elapsed year, the entirety North American auditory of gregarious networkers has confirmed 9 percent compared to a considerable comprehensiver 25 percent enlargement for the globe at comprehensive. The Middle East-Africa tract-of-land (up 66 percent), Europe (up 35 percent), and Latin America (up 33 percent) entertain each confirmed at well-above middle rates. Gregarious Networking Enlargement by Worldwide Tract-of-land June 2008 vs.June 2007 Entirety Worldwide Audience, Age 15+ - Home and Work Locations Source: comScore Globe Metrix Unique Visitors (000) Jun-07 Worldwide Asia Pacific Europe North America Latin America Middle East - Africa 464,437 162,738 122,527 120,848 40,098 18,226 Jun-08 580,510 200,555 165,256 131,255 53,248 30,197 Percent Change 25% 23% 35% 9% 33% 66% “While the gregarious networking bend earliest took off in North America, it is foundation to arrive-at a subject-matter of manliness in the tract-of-land,” said Jack Flanagan, comScore constabulary corruption chairman. However, the interrogativeness is peaceful growing speedily in other tract-of-lands about the globe – distinctly as the ordinary American stigmas metamorphose their rendezvous to developing markets. ” Facebook and Hi5 Administer Global Enlargement unformed Top Gregarious Networking Sites During the elapsed year, frequent of the top gregarious networking positions entertain demonstrated speedy enlargement in their global user sordids. Facebook. com, which took balance the global administer unformed gregarious networking positions in April 2008, has made a concerted attempt to beseem spent culturally applicable in markets after a whileout the U. S.Its portico of cosmical articulation interfaces in distinct markets has helped urge the position to 153-percent enlargement during the elapsed year. Meanwhile, the marrow Hi5. com has put on its full-scale taming management has helped the position embrace its usurper sordid to spent than 56 pet. Other gregarious networking positions, including Friendster. com (up 50 percent), Orkut (up 41 percent), and Bebo. com (up 32 percent) entertain demonstrated especially tenacious enlargement on a global account. Worldwide Enlargement unformed Selected Gregarious Networking Sites June 2008 vs.June 2007 Entirety Worldwide Audience, Age 15+ Home and Work Locations Source: comScore Globe Metrix Entirety Unique Visitors (000) Jun-2007 Entirety Internet : Entirety Auditory Gregarious Networking 778,310 464,437 Jun-2008 860,514 580,510 % Change 11% 25% comscore. com/Press_Events/…/eng-US 1/2 23/11/2010 FACEBOOK. COM MYSPACE. COM HI5. COM FRIENDSTER. COM Orkut BEBO. COM Skyrock Network Gregarious Networking Explodes Worldwid… 52,167 114,147 28,174 24,675 24,120 18,200 17,638 132,105 117,582 56,367 37,080 34,028 24,017 21,041 153% 3% 100% 50% 41% 32% 19%Facebook Gains Traction in Europe and Other Regions Facebook’s novel ascension to beseem the top global gregarious networking position has been spurred by its existing enlargement over globewide tract-of-lands. Though its comprehensivest usurper sordid is peaceful in North America (49 pet), Facebook’s enlargement in the tract-of-land is a proportionately civil 38-percent. In entire other globewide tract-of-land, Facebook’s auditory has spent than quadrupled. Europe is straightly transferred up after a while North America as Facebook’s comprehensivest usurper sordid after a while 35 pet usurpers in June, a 303percent acception and a net abstracted of approximately 27 pet monthly usurpers versus year ago.Other globewide tract-of-lands entertain seen smooth spent dramatic enlargement on a percentage account. Worldwide Enlargement for Facebook. com June 2008 vs. June 2007 Entirety Worldwide Audience, Age 15+ Home and Work Locations Source: comScore Globe Metrix Entirety Unique Visitors (000) Jun-2007 FACEBOOK. COM North America Europe Asia Pacific Middle East - Africa Latin America 52,167 35,698 8,751 3,712 2,974 1,033 Jun-2008 132,105 49,248 35,263 20,712 14,951 11,931 % Change 153% 38% 303% 458% 403% 1055% “Facebook has performed an peculiar job of leveraging its stigma internationally during the elapsed year,” assumed Mr. Flanagan. By increasing the position’s kindred to topical markets through topical articulation interface translation, the position is now competing tenaciously or smooth capturing the administer in distinct markets where it had a proportionately unimportant intercourse lawful a year ago. ” About comScore comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) is a global head in measuring the digital globe. For spent instruction, fascinate investigate www. comscore. com/boilerplate.Contact: Andrew Lipsman Senior Director, Marketing Communications comScore, Inc. +1 312 775 6510 [email protected] com Follow us on Twitter Forward to a Friend comscore. com/Press_Events/…/eng-US 2/2