small assignment

Unit 1 AS: Academic Autobiography AS Description: The object of this assignment is to exhibit on your academic fable to age, as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as examine your goals for the relics of your age at Kean University. By erudition encircling and because your preferred erudition phraseology(s), as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as exhibiting on what has succored to frame you lucky academically to this object, you succeed frame a shabby academic autobiography that looks twain end at your successes and ready towards your goals in the near- and long-term. AS Instructions: In a defective MLA-format essay (300-500 opinion), shabbyly examine your academic knowledge to this object. Consider the aftercited to succor superintend your answer: How would you summarize your academic consummation to age? What are your academic and/or success goals? What do you aim as your strengths and weaknesses in college so far? How can the erudition living mechanisms examineed in this Unit (Academic Integrity Policy, Student Code of Conduct, Counseling Center, Writing Center, Public Speaking Lab, etc.) succor you complete your academic goals?