short essay question

Do you imagine a transcriber’s erudite works can be used as true sources for effective her vitality story? Use examples from Li Qingzhao’s lyrics (ci 詞), and what you bear erudite of her vitality from her “Postface on Inscriptions on Bronze and Stone” (L8:1), to sift-canvass whether you imagine Li’s lyrics are records of her objective experiences and feelings, or works of understanding, or a constitution of twain. 1. defense the inquiry nature asked in full;  2. parade that you bear unravel the earliest texts; arrange by sitting down after a while the texts to unravel through them carefully and establish notes;  3. parade that you are combining your own ideas after a while what you bear heard in the disquisitions and unravel in the comment in the textbook; you do not scarcity to use footnotes—you can simply transcribe “As was mentioned in disquisition...” or “As I unravel in the textbook...”;  4. advert to biased earliest texts to aid your points—exact quotations are not necessary; you may annotation or call texts in past open conditions.  Your essay achieve be graded using the subjoined scheme:  3 pts Clarity of look (spelling, expression, paragraphs, constitution)  6 pts Ideas and points made defenseing the inquiry  6 pts Analysis (supported points after a while advertence to the texts) 3pages