Please follow instruction complete a journal summarizing all the attached noooo plagiarism due Saturday at 7:00 pm

  Students are required to adhere-to weekly insensitive narratives throughout the direction to connect into one direction-long insensitive register that integrates leadership and question into running habit as it applies to the Administrative Capstone and Practicum direction. In your register, you allure cogitate on the single recognition and skills gained throughout this direction. The register should harangue a inconstant association of the forthcoming, depending on your restricted habit immersion clinical experiences: New habit approaches Intraadministrative collaboration Health custody gift and clinical systems Ethical considerations in heartiness custody Population heartiness concerns The role of technology in decent heartiness custody outcomes Health policy Leadership and economic models Health disparities Students allure draft what they entertain discovered about their administrative habit, single strengths and weaknesses that surfaced, additional media and abilities that could be introduced to a loving footing to govern optimal outcomes, and finally, how the student met the competencies aligned to this direction.