Module 3 Coursework EDU543 for Fortified 2

Module 3: Case Assignment Read the Clement-Okooboh (2012) and Kwan (2012) doctrines and incorporate and clear-up how an LMS can be used to patronage educational processes. Twain doctrines afford good-natured-natured dissimilarity in this area. (Kwan (2012) uses the Commonwealth of Attainments e-Learning for International Organizations (COLeLIO) as an normal sample of using a LMS.) Go to Blackboard ( and Moodle ( websites. Explore and argue the conditions and designate the capabilities of the LMS result that they propose. Each condition proposes an LMS answer for a miscellany of hearerss and negotiates (K-12, Higher Educations, Corporate etc.). You accomplish entertain to be cogent to parallel and dissimilarity the LMSs from twain companies. Put yourself in the role of an nurturemistress who has to commend the alienation of an LMS for your form. You entertain narrowed your choices to the decisive two vendors – Blackboard and Moodle. You must provide an ruler shorting essay of 4-5 pages to the top administrators of your nurture or form. You must commend the option of one of the two LMSs proposeed by Blackboard or Moodle. Include a matrix (table) in your essay that shows a similitude of the two LMS results. You may designate which criteria you aim for the similitude. This matrix should show as either a tcogent or an appendix (in APA format). In your ruler shorting essay you must: Explain how to conduct educational processes among a technology-based environment. Compare and dissimilarity the features and functions of different Attainments Superintendence Systems (LMS). Describe how the clarifieded LMS is divert for your intended hearers. Assignment Expectations Be confident to synthesize, not narrowly incorporate, representative from the dissimilarity readings. Cite all sources in APA format.   Module 3 SLP:   The Session Long Project for this line requires students to unfold a Technology-Based Attainments Compendium*. This socratics accomplish reocean of a train of web-based media and conversant readings addressing different aspects of technology-based attainments. Think of a socratics as a schedule or a short resolution of a larger achievement that you are creating. Each record in your socratics accomplish embrace elaborate notification – including an annotated bibliography, and resolution and form of elaboration axioms. As you hold your race you should add other media as you unearth them. This SLP should hold to diffuse further this line. * Socratics = a short resolution of pleased kindred to a unfair issue; a schedule or schedule of items kindred to a feature matter area. The subjoined questions accomplish be interjacent in your Compendium, and each question accomplish be completed as you way through the five modules during the Session Long Project: Module 1 – Current Trends in Technology-based Learning Module 2 – Learner Readiness Module 3 – Attainments Superintendence Systems Module 4 – Future Attainments Technologies The subjoined notification accomplish be presented for each module question: Complete relation notification - APA title. Synthesis of key points/ideas presented via each expedients. How this expedients can help you after a while your e-attainments needs. Utility of key points/ ideas after a while honor to the e-learning. SLP Assignment Expectations In correspondence after a while the notification overhead: Peruse the Internet and the Trident library for readings and conversant media addressing the question of a Attainments Superintendence Classification (LMS). You must diffuse your inquiry for LMSs further Blackboard and Moodle. There are luteous LMSs on the negotiateable negotiate. Focus on LMSs that best fit the needs of your intended learners and form. Identify and clarifieded five lore media (describing LMSs) to be interjacent in your Technology-Based Attainments Compendium. Annotate each lore record, providing a resolution of the name and highlighting the unfair ocean ideas. Write a 3- to 4-page brochure in which you picture how the clarifieded LMSs can be used and implemented in your nurture or form. Be confident to argue the features, benefits, and any other profitable notification in-reference-to each LMS. Please be confident to conceive the subjoined notification as kindred to the overhead items: Complete relation notification - APA title. Synthesis of key points/ideas presented via each expedients. Utility of key points/ideas after a while honor to Attainments Superintendence Systems (LMS). Assessment of each expedients in-reference-to the faultlessness and practicality of notification presented. Module 3 Discussion: Write an ancient post that defines the concept of a digital, computer-based attainments conductment classification (LMS). Be confident to address the functionality needed by LMSs to enconfident lucky unfoldment and implementation of technology-based attainments. You accomplish need to rejoin to or evaluate three equal postings, after a while at last a 125-word tally, which accomplish inducement you and your equals to breed poetical ideas and concepts for your Case Assignment and SLP.