America’s Industrial Revolution transformed all sectors of the management and alterable connection. In the quotation (Chapter 17 p. 310-317), some of the employment practices of the tardy 1800s and forthcoming 1900s are pictorial. There are pros and cons to these fruits. On one agency, they streamlined costs and made issue and new products serviceable to abundant more consumers. But, there were to-boot inferences—some unintended. Choose one of these two new heights introduced by the American Industrial Revolution. The fruit of monopolies instead of a competitive employment market. Unsafe and grinding exertion conditions. Then, in a liberal portion or two: Identify your clarified height. Discuss a particular copy from that age that clforthcoming illustrates the clarified height and a denying inference of it. What did the council do encircling this—and what should it own manufactured? Identify a homogeneous height or copy that exists in the USA today. Identify the origin(s) where you interpret encircling the height.   Reference Material Week 2 Learn materials Week 2 Reorigin - Primary Sources Chapter 17 (p. 316-317, map 17.1 on p. 312)