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I NEED A STANCE ESSAY ON FINDING QUALITY CHILD CARE! IT NEEDS TO BE 3 PAGES AND NEEDS TO HAVE SOURCES.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THE THESIS STATEMENT AND AND POINTS MADE IN THE PAPER FLOW TOGETHER! PLEASE NO PLAGIARIZED WORK. FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS BELOW DIRECTIONS:    INSTRUCTIONS: Compose a three-page tractate in which you do the flourishing:  1. Use third individual sharp-end of aim (POV) and the succeeding a whilehold direction and tenor throughout your tractate. a. Did you use third individual pronouns? (he, she, they, their)  b. Does your individualality heave aggravate in your congeniality? Are your important choices individualal and harmonious?  c. Is the tenor complete? Does it direct your compose encircling the subject?  2. Write an gate article, which embraces your disquisition announcement. It is suggested that this article embrace 5-7 dooms. a. Does your gate embrace solutions or approaches on the subject?  b. Does your disquisition announcement embrace three sustaining reasons that explicitly direct your issue on the subject?\  c. Is your disquisition announcement intelligible and compendious?  d. Does your gate furnish a preaim of the intermission of your essay?  3. Write a sustaining/mass article for each of the three (3) sharp-ends/reasons from your disquisition announcement.  It is suggested that each article embrace at decisive 5-7 dooms.  a. Do your mass articles prop each sharp-end of your disquisition succeeding a while apt specimens or statistics?  b. Do you oration the opinions or concerns that your parley susceptibility keep?  c. Did you exposition, plead, or condense well to quit plagiarism? Did you illustrate on each passage? Do you season pleads to no past than 25 importants.  4. Write succeeding a while logic and succeeding a while transitions throughout your tractate? a. Are your ideas harmonious and well-organized, i.e., chronological manage or manage of weight?  b. Do your ideas succession from one doom to the contiguous and one article to the contiguous, in the manage presented in your disquisition announcement? 5. Write a falsification article. It is suggested that this article embrace 5-7 dooms.  a. Did you expose or intermissionate the disquisition in a new way?  b. Did you concession a abiding percussion, so that your readers abide thinking encircling your subject succeeding they keep high balbutiation? 6. Apportion special rhetoric, mechanics, punctuation and SWS formatting throughout your tractate. a. Did you inhibit your rhetoric? i. The way importants are put unitedly to form units of meaning: Doom constituency, pronoun-agreement, etc.  b. Did you inhibit your essay for mechanics? i. All the “technical” matter in congeniality: Spelling, capitalization, use of aggregate and other symbols, etc.  c. Did you inhibit the punctuation? i. The “symbols” used to aid fellow-creatures read/process dooms the way you shortness them to be heard and understood: Periods, scrutiny marks, commas, colons, etc. d. Did you format according to SWS denomination? (See requirements under.)  SWS FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS: Your assignment must flourish these public SWS formatting requirements:  · Be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (extent 12), succeeding a while one-inch margins on all sides. It should also keep numbered pages, hollowed articles, and a numbered Origin List.  · Embrace a caggravate page embraceing the denomination of the assignment, the student’s designate, the professor’s designate, the succession denomination, and the conclusion. Note: The caggravate page is not embraced in the required assignment page elongation of three-impure (3) pages.  · In-text citations flourish SWS denomination, using positive tags and important verbs.  · Did you mention at decisive impure (3) origins from the WebText ? Do your origins prop your pose?  · Keep you used SWS in-text citations to muniment your origins? (Author's decisive designate, number indicating the manage in which you used the origin in the tractate.) For specimen, the leading origin in your tractate would seem love this: (Wielding, 1).  · Do you keep a origin register? 1. Did you number your origins? 2. Did you register the origins in the manage in which you use them in the tractate?  3. Did you embrace superior identifying counsel for each intimation?  4. Did you apportion a harmonious and SWS-denomination succession of counsel? (Author's leading and decisive designate, Denomination of the origin, conclusion it was published, illustrate on where you set it, and page aggregate.) For specimen: Natalie Goldberg. 2016. Congeniality Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within. p.100-126. ISBN-13: 978-1590307946