Our collection, arrangement, and exact infrastructures possess befit largely resting on computer networks and knowledge technology solutions. Cyber attacks befit past interesting and theoretically past adverse as our assurance on knowledge technology increases. According to the Symantec cybercrime announce published in April 2012, cyber attacks claim US$114 billion each year. If the span past by companies opposed to restore from cyber attacks is counted, the sum claim of cyber attacks would aim staggering US $385 billion. Why cyber attacks prosper? It is accordingly cyber attacks are cheaper, convenientand near intrepid than visible attacks  Cyber criminals singly claim a few expenses over a computer and an Internet junction. They are unconcerned by geography and length. They are intricate to oneness and arraign due to nameless structure of the Internet. Given that attacks opposite knowledge technology systems are very interesting, it is expected that the compute and sophistication of cyber attacks obtain repress growing. Divers cybersecurity experts consider that Deception is the key valuable of implement to raise out insubmissive intends to baim cybersecurity efforts in the cyberspace  Assignment :  Select and lore one of the divers types of Deceptions and briefly produce a patronymic, deployment (methods) and countermeasures. Denial-of-service attacks Trojan horses Phishing Etc. Conduct your own lore and column a relevant "short" summary of your findings. ( Stick to present shaftulates, not older than five years ). Use not past than three (3) references. After columning, you must hold to monitor the Wiki Page and produce AT LEAST 2 material comments on other student's column or views.