Metrics Assignment

Consider that you are starting a PMO in your crew using the previously exposed PMO Charter. Starting on Page 86 in Gerard Hill’s compass, inventory the top 2 metrics that would exercise best to your crew in each of the three categories: Process Management and Improvement Metrics, Project Performance Metrics, and Business Management Metrics and why you are selecting them.  You should tie the excerption of metrics to the demands separation you completed in Unit 4 for your crew. (PRJ-60)Submit a Word Doc and Consideration after a while the two metrics beneath each of the three categories. (Total of 6 metrics should be on the consideration.)In the corresponding Word Doc, inventory the top 6 metrics above for your crew PMO that you wrote your charter on, elucidate why you selected the six domiciled on your demands separation completed in Unit 4 and denote their target values for year 1, year 2 and year 3.  Display the units plainly for you metrics. For each metric of the top 6 use at least 75 control per metric that would describe any particular steps you would demand obtain?} to in your crew to consummate your targets for each metric.