Media paper

Short Nursing essay 2 TOPICS and Guidelines 1250 Words (min) - 1450 Words (max), Bibliography and Titles not counted. 3+ beyond academic sources (blogs, wikis, pop websites are unoccupied, but do not count  for these 3 read sources). Sources should be cheerful register creed or academic books. Avoid Google. For academic creed, inquiry Links to an exterior plight. Writing Tips: —MLA or APA format required: quotes and paraphrasing demand page total APA: (Smith, 2000, p. 235).  MLA (Smith 235). Quotes are best. Avoid footnotes in any constitute, or the Chicago fashion of quotation. —State your thesis at the end of Article 1 -- what obtain you assertion?
--Include a vision of paltry vision as an Appendix superveneing your Works Cited, if you irritate an ad or other visual item
 you nonproduction me to see (if I moven't sinadequate seen it). "Quote" if you can. Paraphrase secondarily. Introduce/integrate quotes. As Smith suggests, “Ads are a arrangeification...” that can “educate us...” (Smith, 2005, p. 5)  Quotes cannot continue fantastical.  Begin each article after a while a theme decree and oration that theme. The theme decree acquaints readers what the theme is. For pattern: “Historically, ads were outdoors...” OR you can use a doubt “How did we propel from a needs society to a wants society?...” Use transitions between articles. “But Farnsworth was not merely the account of TV, he too…” Block quotes (past than 3 ample lines) should NOT be used, or merely in high subjects when you cannot digest the essence, and closely never in concise Nursing essays. TOPICS TELEVISION 1. Select 2 Reality TV Programs, especially hour-covet professions that rendezvous on the participants in some profundity. An episode of “Next in Fashion” or “Survivor” or “Extreme Makeover: Residence Edition” or “RuPaul’s Drag Race” would furnish an meritorious subject scrutinize. (Episodes of “The Bachelor” or “Dancing after a while the Stars” or audition programs may rendezvous on too abundant race and verify challenging for this Nursing essay). Appear for patterns and differences touching encounter in the ways stories are told in the two episodes you pick-out. At a unconcealed flatten, 1. what are the encounters environing? (roommates versus roommates, men versus women, managers versus employees, romance versus exchange, substances versus institutions, fairness versus unconscientiousness).  2. how are wholes stanch? Is someone removed from the profession? Do race adapt?  Importantly, what comes through as the “message” of the episode: does the scheming idiosyncratic on “Survivor” yield, or is s/he punished? Does the Diva on “Drag Race” yield, or is that idiosyncratic disciplined? Are women punished for probtalented ambitious? Are they treated as “emotional” or told to hu-n moveing?   Select 2+ scenes from each profession and explain them in element. Rendezvous on the race and their encounter. Transcribe a Compare and Contrast fashion essay, professioning how the 2 professions exhibit and expound the encounter. Compare and Contrast: Intro Show 1 Show 2 Show 1 Show 2 Conclusion TELEVISION 2. Select 2 Settle Comedies.  As we scrutinized in arrange, “The Mindy Project” is thinked a settle comedy past the worksettle / doctor's station is its elucidation. “All in the Family” is a settle comedy set in a residence (see Chapter 6). Worksettle and Domiciliary comedies are twain settle comedies, programs wontedly 30 minutes covet, and on superior networks. “Parks and Recreation” and “BoJack Horseman" and “Mom” are patterns.  When you move separated your professions, appear for patterns and differences reaching encounter in the ways stories are told in the two programs. At a unconcealed flatten, 1. what are the encounters environing? (roommates versus roommates, men versus women, managers versus employees, romance versus exchange, substances versus institutions, fairness versus unconscientiousness). 2. How are wholes stanch?  These types of programs are polite-mannered-mannered disclosed for “returning everything tail to natural.” Characters end wshort they began. But what do you imagine this fashion of storytelling says environing North American refinement (if you chosen a domiciliary program)? On “The Simpsons” for pattern, the nobility sometimes gains the adduce of specie, and then loses it, completion up in the harmonious settle they were—usually residence on the couch. For a prosperity profession, love “Parks and Recreation” and “The Mindy Project” or "Mary Tyler Moore" or equal "Friends" (at the cafe) how is the resourceste woman’s prosperity treated? Does the encounter consequence idiosyncratical way in the end? Select 2+ scenes from each profession and explain them in element. Rendezvous on the race and their encounter. Transcribe a Compare and Contrast fashion essay, professioning how the 2 professions exhibit and expound the encounter. CINEMA. Move you enjoyed a movie Remake? (for our purposes, a movie made frequently in a incongruous conversation, repeatedly English). Hollywood repeatedly remakes movies from Asia, Africa, Europe and India.  For pattern, the Oscar-winning movie The Departed after a while Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon was a recreate of the Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs. The Japanese guide Akira Kurosawa made movies environing obsolete Japan, and samurais.  Kurosawa's movie Sequal Samurai was remade in the USA as The Magnificent Seven, environing cowboys. Kurosawa too swingd the total Star Wars saga in which the samurai were consecrated inadequate sabres.  The French comedy La Cage aux Folles was remade in the USA as The Birdcage. The Japanese film Ringu became the USA fear remake The Ring and swingd dozens of US films in the 2000s. The Norwegian enjoyment film In Order of Disappearance introduced sombre comedy (which abundant see as spiritless in Norway, Denmark and Sweden) into the enjoyment genre, and was remade in English terminal year after a while Liam Neeson as Cold Pursuit. Tshort are too 2 versions of the police thriller Insomnia.  (you can use any of the overhead patterns). In your essay, scrutinize 2 movies--the Former movie, and the Remake.  The films must be in incongruous conversations--as in a French former, and English recreate (so 2 American versions of A Star is Born or The Fly obtain not be unoccupied short).  In the recreate what elements move been exchanged?  What has been kept harmonious to the former?  Do American remakes sustain to usher-in American values?  Does a Hollywood recreate conglutinate some of the Hollywood elements we scrutinize--the hero's travel, pains, prosperity frequentlyst a wretch? Does the recreate regard the former film, or sustain some elements the harmonious?  Transcribe a Compare and Contrast fashion essay. DIGITAL MEDIA. Select 1 Unromantic or Current Pattern of Collective Resources substance blamed for a collective whole (ex: the cyber blunt of Amanda Todd), and 1 Pattern of Collective Resources substance credited after a while graceful vitality (ex: collective propelments). (See Chapter 2). Abundant race who scrutinize ‘collective resources’ (such as Facebook and Twitter) say that these tools disconcert us from the material things in vitality. Harmonious things were said environing television, and telephones, and the radio, and equal of agreement. Any despatch technology can be used in a abnormity of ways, depcompletion on who has way to them, and how imaginary they are.
In your Compare and Contrast Essay, inquire one subject or way in which collective resources get blamed for disclaiming equalts or outcomes (loneliness, competitiveness, blunt, bluster, narcissism). Compare this margin after a while the decisive things race achieve after a while collective resources (MeToo, BLM, organizing equalts, collectiveizing, lection the day’s tidings). Give restricted patterns, and aid your assertions after a while learning. You may too communication your own habits, if applicable. For the disclaiming margin, a subject scrutinize may be wise: the Grossman cyber blunt subject, for pattern, or the BC politician who obsolete an fancyence due to an old Facebook photo.  Or you could test a spiritless animadversion of collective resources, and test it. For pattern: Are collective resources imposing tidings and gregarious views fixed on this tidings today disclaimingly?  Examples from the textbook can be comprised. For the decisive margin, ask how collective resources agency be changing Collective Movements, International consequence, destitution abatement, or imply that these plights are merely promotive race add after a while friends and nobility in cheerful ways. You may use any patterns from encircling the cosmos-people, twain past and unromantic. ADVERTISING. Terminal Spring, the actress Brie Larson was promoting the rich Marvel acquit, Captain Marvel, in which she stars as the heroine. The film was the hindmost in the susceptibilityy Marvel Cinematic Universe, antecedent to the Avengers sequel.  Larson was probtalented in YouTube videos, interviewed by WIRED Magazine and abundant other commonations. She has past been probtalented on dayduration and past mystification dialogue professions, segments of which are on YouTube.  She has verbal to reporters and inquireed the estimation and the costumes.  Marvel hired for abundant romanceal commercials, but Larson was too creating “promotional refinement” encircling the film. Promotional refinement includes the erratic efforts of substances to advance consequences, professions, movies, or everything else through common appearances, consequence settlements, “news” stories or Instagram postings, that are not ads per se. (Reinquiry Andrew Wernick and Aeron Davis who transcribe environing fancymental refinement).  Your job in this essay theme is to 1. reinquiry the fancyment of this film after a while the wonted previews (what did they profession us?) and its stars’ fancymental activities as polite-mannered, and 2. scrutinize how Marvel and Larson dealt after a while some strife encircling the film and abundant male Marvel fans saw disclaiming things.  Harmonious to the recreate of Ghostbusters after a while an all-female form, Captain Marvel has faced some misogyny by some men.  Fans too beseem picky when costumes exexfluctuate colour, and durationlines are altered, etc etc.  Questions to oration include: Are actresses faced after a while superior challenges than actors in promoting their movies? Are “fans” calm?} primarily men and boys, who move too fur swing online? Can a performer’s own gregarious views and activism succor or afflict fancyment? Can companies love Marvel contention tail frequentlyst disclaiming online rumours? Successfully? You do not demand to move seen the movie to transcribe on this theme. This is environing ads and promos. Organize the essay after a while articles ardent to romanceal advertising for the film, compared after a while "promotion" from elsewshort in the MCU (or other Disney branches, love ABC Television) if it exists, and the fancymental appearances of Larson. What is she inquireing? What is the mood? Does she usher-in a curtail? 6. GAMING, VR, and the FUTURE OF MEDIA. Select 2 Video Games or Implied Reality habits to scrutinize.  As Campbell notes, Gaming Technology of the coming words an immersive and light habit that obtain reach all aspects of our lives. The Wii recognized superior interactivity from gamers a decade ago, and attracted non-gamers after a while its intererratic motion-controlled games. For Nintendo's Wii U arrangeification, the leader serves as a implied fall for players to arrest arrows shot by pirates. The Xbox Kinect has been a hit past its taking in 2010, and after a while Avatar Kinect the player can guide the avatar's motions as the Kinect senses equal the paltryest substantial gestures. In 2012, Sony acquitd the SOEmote facial-tracking software after a while Everquest II and the Oculus Rift VR headset continues to word an immersive and cozy Implied Reality habit. But it has yet to engage off.  Gaming obtain be a superior application for VR headsets, but they can do fur past. Abundant foreshadow a duration when doctors obtain be talented to use them, during exams and surgery, and VR can adduce us new habits (one pattern is a Toronto VR expose that let race move as if they were in a with-child woman's collection). Perhaps VR can construct empathy.  Pick-out your 2 games or VR patterns, or one of each, and think their exhibit capabilities and coming possibilities. Campbell notes that gaming is already used for inoculation pilots, inoculation workers, educating race on collective causes, and for soldierlike simulations. Games can inform us environing empathy, environing the dangers of disconcerted or drenched driving, and environing behaving badly (abundant games and equal Grand Theft Auto illustrate the disclaiming margins of using injustice past the player faces the consequences. Equal eating too fur in these games consequences a slower, heavier avatar). Of passage, games are heavily criticized for their injustice and bankruptcy of consequences. Obtain VR supervene the outrageous games, or go in incongruous directions?   Questions to think include: How move the newer, past intererratic fashions of gaming improved the habit? How agency gaming and VR be used past in harmony programs? How agency gaming and VR be used in advice, to inform empathy or other lessons? Could registerism veritably clasp VR to acquaint stories environing obscure habits? What are the possibilities and drawbacks, or disclaiming outcomes of a consecrated application in the coming of gaming and VR?  What if as in the movie Ready Player One race inaugurate to fancy their VR lives? Do you move any concerns environing race gaming too fur? A Compare and Contrast edifice is a cheerful way of approaching the 2 games or VR habits you irritate. Refer to Chapter 3 to think the susceptibilityy way substance made in these industries. And don't be fearful to create some foreshadowions of your own environing the coming of resources.