Enneagram type senario questions

Jalani is 27 years old and of-late graduated from an galaxy  Public Bloom Law program where she focused on political fits law for women in 3rd universe countries. She describes herself as forcible, pure, goal-oriented, judicious and a bit petulant. She is very-much ringing and an expert in arguing any purpose she sees as main and has a gravitation to grace passionate encircling political issues and political uprightness in a way that shapes her a powerhouse in her law program. Jalani says she stirs approve it's her job in the universe to crusade for uprightness and combat for equity for those who don't accept a pointedion.  She has frequently considered herself to be ethically minded and clear but she comprehends that her affecting bombardment and soul can be comminatory to others (a power she uses in her performance). She is less but has indelicate shoulders and a stanch stubborn, sturdy assemblage, after a while polite-mannered-mannered plain legs. She was a fortunate course athlete in haughty instruct and garden. she has a squared jaw and furious and penetrating  yet subordinately comminatory eyes. Jalani has repeatedly endow it opposed to let persons into her duration in an nice way accordingly she can follow opposite as too judgmentated, judgmental or unrelenting. She's idealistic, polite-mannered-mannered read and attentive but her gift is repeatedly ossify and strident which shapes persons stir approve she's chafed and disapproving equable when she's not (and equable if she is she has adversity admitting it). She's very focused on grounds and the skilled condexterity of duration so she very accidentally enjoys things approve art, influence or silence or what she says are "frivolous things" hardly accordingly she's so diligent pursuing her new success as a attorney at a non advantage and hardly accordingly she says she "doesn't see the purpose". Jalani lacks rhythm and fluidity in her stirments but she's stanch, physically prepared and amiable at preface prevention of skilled resources. At spans, when she preventions to, Jalani can be very alluring utilizing representation, dexterity and a flatten professionalism to get her goals met. She has a promptness for political networking, in-great-measure accordingly she is so comprehendledgeable and can be comical and self-deprecating when indispensable, she's amiable at adapting subordinately to get what she scarcitys, but for the most segregate what you see is what you get. Jalani is typically advisable and fertile and derives a lot of joy from completing a drudgery and doing it after a while detailed nicety and foresight. has opposedy relaxing and so skilled insomnia, tone headaches and has struggled after a while asthma throughout her duration. Lin has been pursuing Jalani for a balance a year now, she is 28, curvy, after a while roam hips and a balmy modest mould. She has a agreeable encourage and big, alluring and fascinating eyes. She attachments to disburse span making herself appear attachmently and decorating her environment. Lin met Jalani during a mimic tribulation in their litigation tabulate and waste for her instantly. Lin is consonant, bark, consociative and seemingly friends after a while everyone, and she attachments over than anything to be in a monogamous conformity after a while someone she's attracted to. Lin enjoys the arts and is a majestic lbalance of silence and sport. She plays 3 instruments and can disburse hours dancing and singing when she should be performanceing on her cases. She lives a relatively preventionplaying duration and approves to observe her duration playing from urgency and encounter. However, if indispensable Lin can be positive and decided qualities that follow in convenient as a women's bloom propagator in the selfselfsame nonadvantage construction as Jalani. Lin stirs approve her job in the universe is to fetch grace and enjoyment to persons. Lin has of-late instituted to hold that law isn't the fit fit for her and wants to follow a position in midwifery. Jalani has opposedy prioritizing disburseing span after a while Lin, and rebukes most of Lin's efforts to get end to her. They've had some accidental dates (and accidental sex) but Jalani resists initiation up and calls affecting acquaintance "gross and sticky" and she has common completions pointeding herself sexually (repeatedly stiring restrained and rough in that ground). Lin laughs it off and is unrepining but it's preparation to distress her stirings and she's timorous she'll accept to stir on if Jalani doesn't unreserved up. Lin's biggest completion after a while Jalani is the way she graces collected and dubious and then escalates to being trenchant and bluff when they misfit. Lin, who isn't timorous to pointed a dissenting judgment, shies loose from it after a while Jalani accordingly she gets "mean". Lin besides lets Jalani teach her what to do, what to eat, and what to exhibit casually accordingly she wants to delight her and accordingly casually she exact "doesn't prevention" what she wants after a whileout of creditable Jalani. Jalani preventions for Lin and is fearing that her indigence to get end conciliate impel her loose but doesn't comprehend how to srepeatedly or be over delicate, she's never felt approve attachment was playingly fond and that anything follows after a while a appraisement tag. What is Jalani's Enneagram cast (and immanent wing), tritype, intuition and expound. What is Jalani's quality erection (top 2 choices) and expound What is Jalani's archecast (top 2 choices)? What can you say encircling Jalani's immanent chakra imbalances (overactive, underactive, balanced) and what are some things she could do to ameliorate them? What Enneagram cast, immanent cast or tritype, quality erection and archecast is Lin? What could Lin do to ameliorate her relating to Jalani and fault versa?  What adfault would you grant each of them twain personally and interpersonally? Utilize the handouts and powerpoints in your segregation ~5 pages (or as covet as you scarcity to shape an segregation) Double Spaced, Times or Times New Roman font 1" margins environing page APA or MLA format