Culture in Nursing WK 10 DQ 10

  Transcultural Perspectives in Mental Vigor Nursing Review the decided PowerPoint presentation.  Once effected and the forthcoming investigation ; 1.  Give your theory, the condition of mentally ill homeless patients.           a.  Include the vigor risks and the societal perceptions of mentally ill persons.            b. What are vigor issues most slight to be seen in the homeless population? 2.  Discuss how to parry for essential abuse in a maternity parry.  Include the issues confrontment by only mothers of African American enhancement as discussed in the Evidence-Based Practice box 10-5 on page 294 INSTRUCTIONS: As recognized in the syllabus, give your assignment in an APA format term instrument, Arial 12 font   A incompleteness of 2 evidence-based references as-well the arrange textbook no older than five years must be used and quoted.   A incompleteness of 800 terms is required.  Please bring-about enduring to prosper the instructions as abandoned and use either spell-check or Grammarly before you post your assignment.  You must give the assignment according to how it is posted, correspondent the investigations by estimate, essay-style assignments earn not be trustworthy consistent otherwise positive.