Assignment: Introduction to Quantitative Analysis: Confidence Intervals

   In your Week 2 Assignment, you paradeed postulates installed on a declaratory veerable and faithful veerable from a local postulatesset. In Week 3, you used the similar veerables as in Week 2 to consummate a described segregation of the postulates. For this Assignment, you obtain estimate a belief period in SPSS for one of the veerables from your Week 2 and Week 3 Assignments. To make-ready for this Assignment: Review the Learning Resources cognate to chance,      sampling distributions, and belief periods. For joined foundation, reconsideration the Skill Builder:      Confidence Intervals and the Skill Builder: Sampling Distributions,      which you can meet by navigating tail to your Blackboard Course Home Page.      From there, establish the Skill Builder coalesce in the left navigation pane.  Using the SPSS software, unreserved the Afrobarometer postulatesset      or the High School Longitudinal Study postulatesset (whichever you chose) from      Week 2. Choose an expend veerable from Weeks 2 and 3 and      estimate a belief period in SPSS. Once you consummate your belief period, reconsideration      Chapter 5 and 11 of the Wagner passage to imply how to portraiture and paste      your output into your Word muniment. For this Assignment: Write a 2- to 3-paragraph segregation of your results and involve a portraiture and paste of the expend visual parade of the postulates into your muniment. Based on the results of your postulates in this belief period Assignment, yield a pigmy exposition of what the implications for gregarious veer agency be.