Due Week 4: 110 points For your principal assignment, you gain full a concise counterpart disposition in which you gain irritate the designation forthcoming the Ask, Research, Learn, Do system. This system was introduced in your webtext as a simplified statement of the sociological scrutiny system. It’s a aidful instrument to aid you meditate critically, counterpart inquirys, and unfold problems.  READ THE ARTICLE “Declining Majority of Online Adults Say the Internet Has Been Good for Society” majority---of---online---adults---say---the---internet---has---been---good--- for---society/  USE THE RESEARCH Use the scrutiny counsel presented in the designation to counterpart the inquirys underneath. You should transcribe disgusting paragraphs, one for each stalk catalogueed in daring. Use the Assignment 1 template to full this assignment. Refer to Chapter 2 of the webtext as essential.  1) Ask: • What was the inquiry of the scrutiny? • Who was thoughtful in the scrutiny? • What was the scrutiny inquiry that was counterparted by the counsel in thearticle?   2) Research: • What scrutiny methods were used? (Go to Section 2.9 in the Webtext for a catalogue of scrutiny methods) • Summarize the systemresearchers used to glean axioms.  3) Learn: • What were the key findings of the scrutiny? • What misentry was drawn fromthe scrutiny?  4) Do: • What are two appended supervene-•-up inquirys that you own naturalized on this scrutiny? • Why did you select these superveneup inquirys? FORMATTING 5) Your assignment must supervene theseformatting requirements: • Usethe Assignment 1templatetofull this assignment. • References are not required for this assignment as you gain usetheassigned designation and your webtext. • Be certain to embody your indicate and the limit on the shelter page of the template.