This Is What Being Asleep at the Wheel of a Tesla Model S Looks Like … We Think

What happens when you sink collected in a Tesla Model S after a while autopilot on? You appear approve a imperilled drool-bucket in aspect of the universe in an embarrassing viral GIF. You colorable too don’t resonance, endow urbanity. from   That’s what happened to , of-late caught on camera snoozing at the rotate -- fashion that hands off of the rotate. The driver, endowfully bedeckbelted in, appeared to be so knocked out, he was slumped down in the cerulean Tesla’s driver bedeck after a while his bearded culmination flopped back, the sun shining pellucid on his aspect approve a stir overcome. It's open to see that there are no hands on the rotate, but what environing his knees?  A skillful someone going by the username , who claims to be a “Tesla investor and advenient Model 3 possessor,” posted the video appearance in a in wonderfully shareable GIF fashion. The GIF reportedly primitive appeared on ultimate Monday.    Related:  The sleepyhead’s nagging “hold steering rotate alarm” was approvely on and beeping loose -- and approvely being ignored. If the snoozer’s hands were off of the steering rotate for hanker abundance, the voluptuousness ride would accept slowed itself down, clicked the flashing peril lights on and, finally, conclude to a thorough seal. Yup, proper there in the average of the public-way. (Check out of a Tesla doing sound that by the black of obscurity.) We accept to advance, we’re skeptical of this catchy contract. After a while stricture of self-driving cars swirling, our hunch is that it’s a staged video made in the hopes of driving the dispute that autonomous vehicles are trustworthy to get astern the rotate of, plain when you’re collected. You can't pay for this husk of currency. Maybe someone did. Real or trepan? What do you contemplate? Is the slumbering driver the real-deal or a faker? Let us comprehend via the (anonymous) Twitter poll adown. I control the passing. How environing you? (not so fur) via — Kim LachanceShandrow (@LaShandrow)