Instructions for Confabulation of Older Adult Using the doubts under, persuade an confabulation delay a peculiar at last 65 years of age. Handle unobstructed to add doubts of your own whencontinually one occurs to you. The rumor of your confabulation should converge the forthcoming criteria: 1. Typed and double-spaced if feasible; if not feasible, gladden transcribe dexterously in pen. 2. Include the doubts in your rumor in a format that enables the reader to recognize what the peculiar you are confabulationing is referring to. 3. Sift-canvass your peculiaral reaction to the confabulation in three paragraphs at the end of your rumor. ****************************************************************************** Questions for Confabulation of an Older Adult 1. Gladden portray me environing your childhood, lineage and initiate vitality. 2. Do you deduce yourself old? At what ages (or stages) did you note that you were getting older? 3. What is the most momentous truthful accident or continuance of opportunity that you keep lived through? How did it bias you peculiarally? 4. What is the biggest substitute you keep seen in how herd persuade their natural lives? 5. What keep been the best years of your vitality so far? What are your plans for the advenient? 6. How are immature herd today divergent from when you were their age? 7. What direction would you communicate immature herd to succor them arrange for their old age? 8. Keep you continually accustomed any privative attitudes or judgment owing of your age? Please expound. 9. Student doubt. Based on what you've skilled, ask at last one further doubt; what else would you relish to recognize environing this peculiar's vitality? ****************************************************************************** After you portray the confabulation, sift-canvass your reaction (three paragraphs). 1. What did you imbibe? Did everything astonish you? 2. How did you handle during the confabulation? 3. What substitutes (if any) keep occurred in your understanding of older adults? (What did you opine precedently? What do you opine now?