Managing Labor Relations Case Study 2

   1 Page APA  For this Occurrence Analysis, associate to the Collective Bargaining Agreement that is set in the Discussion Board in the cooperate Forum titled - FSCJ - Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement Excerpts   You accomplish ascertain different chapters of the present CBA betwixt the FSCJ Faculty and the FSCJ Board of Trustees granted in unmeasured phraseology.   EACH OF YOU SHOULD SELECT ONE QUESTION GROUP - #1, #2, #3 OR #4.   Remember that righteous affect our antecedent occurrence separation, You should Transcribe the inquiry, then transcribe your response along delay aid from the CBA phraseology, not from statutory or occurrence law. For specimen, if your aiding associateence is to decipher who has the example to request a oppression to arbitration, your passage would appear affect this -   "If the aggrieved special(s) is not kind delay the ultimate judgment of the explicit oppression process, the Harmony may request the oppression to arbitration" (CBA, Article 10, Oppression & Arbitration Procedures, "Arbitration Procedure".   OK? So here's the Articles, and the QUESTION GROUPS containing the inquirys... glean one knot. QUESTION GROUP #1 - Article 10 - Oppression & Arbitration Procedure. Questions: 1.  How manifold explicit steps are there in the oppression process? 2.  What is the ultimatum calculate of days that it accomplish seize to advance a oppression from Step 1 to the Selection of an Arbitrator? 3. If the oppression is to insist awarding of Continuing Contract, what must the harmony confirm?