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According to cultural relativists, whatever intellectual values a humanization holds, those intellectual values are rectify for full limb of that humanization.  One inference of this system is that humanizations can never construct intellectual movement.  The intellectual values of a humanization can vary balance opportunity, but they cannot get emend or worse.  After all, the intellectual values at an precedent opportunity were rectify (barely by life the intellectual values of the humanization) and then they vary to a newer, resembling rectify set of intellectual values.  To vary from one rectify set of values to a irrelative rectify set of values does not recognize any increase or refuse in intellectual values.  Consider the intellectual values held by our own Western humanization in the elapsed and today.  Do you meditate that there is any token of intellectual movement or refuse?  Defend one of the aftercited views: Western humanization is over intellectual today than in the elapsed; Western humanization is less intellectual today than in the elapsed; or, Western humanization is resembling intellectual today compared to the elapsed (neither emend nor worse).  Offer token to aid your select.  (5 decision narrowness)