Healthcare Finance

  Instructions Reference the subjoined webpredicament for beneficial notice to entire this assignment:  Healthcare Financial Administration Association. (2018). Mapkeys (Links to an apparent predicament.). [Website] You entertain of-late been hired as a revenue-cycle administration specialist at Raywood Memorial Hospital. Your straightforward director, the VP of Revenue-Cycle Management, has asked you to order a introduction for the present stakeholder contravention. Keeping in desire, the stakeholder class is composed of twain financial and non-financial professionals. Complete the fields in the unshaken consultation, illustrating open benchmark basis, and RMH basis. Supply basis of your choosing anywhere red extract is present Create a dirty Powerpoint introduction for the stakeholder contravention, summarizing the basis contained in the surpass instrument. In one slide, interpret the RMH's overall fiscal predicament, as defined by the metrics in the surpass instrument. Highlight three metrics (one per slide) Briefly interpret to the stakeholders why you chose those three to nucleus on for the scope of this contravention. Explain the conformity between open benchmarks and RMH basis; providing explanations for basis that falls inadequate of, and exceeds, the benchmark. Summarize RMH's "present steps" in a bankruptcy slide Include a incompleteness of three references, APA mode, in a developed slide.