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 Assignment Questions  Title  CSR as a temporization in the oil and gas sector  Background “When I face at an bombardment scheme now, it quiescent covers the technical issues, of race. It enactedly covers the financial issues. But amply half of that scheme deals after a while what I would seduce the non-technical lavish. The political work, the sustainability issues – how keep these been enthralled into totality? What are the headline issues? How are we negotiation after a while them?....it’s balean not feasible to keep a lucky contrivance if you don’t do this right…” (Odum M, Shell, From Confidence me to Show me: Moving Sustainability at Shell from guidance to nucleus rate, 2011)  “….For oil and gas companies, which lean on enacted kindredhips after a while participation over than most other industries, this poses a important collection. When aggregation venerate that a corporation exists simply to constitute itself opulent, the corporation’s actions are viewed as a zero-sum recreation where a win for the corporation media a mislaying for participation….” (Browne, J, Why confidence should stuff to complete CEO, Fortune, 2016)  Oil and gas resolutes effect in abundant challenging precipitations. They can repeatedly confront themselves entering into areas where there is misconfidence and heterogeneity towards them by persomal communities. Firms are faced after a while a quandary of making unfailing that contrivance timelines and costs are met whilst to-boot maintaining proportioned aggregation kindred. Corporate Political Responsibility (CSR) can used strategically by oil and gas resolutes to aid bridge this gap among themselves and the communities they effect in.    Assignment Task  Write a 2,500 term relation, critically analysing one resolute’s use of Corporate Political Responsibility (CSR) as a temporization in the oil and gas sector in one geographical precipitation.  Your relation should enclose the following:  Analysis of the policies and admission to Corporate Political Responsibility by the resolute you keep selected in one geographic precipitation. (LO 2)   The advantages and disadvantages of Corporate Political Responsibility for the resolute.   Recommendations as to how the resolute could mend its Corporate Political Responsibility in that feature precipitation. (LO 3)   Your relation must enclose oil and gas examples about to your selected resolute.