Can you entire this for me fascinate? I slighted it and it is due by 10:59pm cst tonight. Thank you so much SUBJECT IS WESTERN CULTURAL A NARRATIVE TEXTBOOK RAWLS    Learning Activity 1 Instructions Background to the assignment: Who “owns” the gone-by? Who has the equitable to specify what the gone-by media for us today? This assignment asks you to contemplate on these questions. In the route of this assignment, you earn invent that obsolete fact can sometimes be very synchronous, reminding us that the gone-by is constantly give after a while us. Many of the conflicts in our earth today bear obsolete roots, which is one of the reasons studying the gone-by is dignified. Description of the assignment: Go online and discover some knowledge environing the “Elgin Marbles” (besides determined the “Parthenon Marbles”). Read a unimportant environing the strife betwixt the British and Greek governments touching the occupation of these marbles. In a 2-paragraph essay, earliest digest the strife in your own tone, and then engage a unobstructed pose by sustaining either the Greek or British behalf. Discuss 2 ocean reasons that help your pose. You do not scarcity to do ample elimination or lection to entire this assignment polite. However, if you embrace sources, adduce them in general APA format. This assignment must be 250–300 tone and must embrace the acsum sum in parentheses. Submit a drain of your Learning Activity to SafeAssign for feedback a few days anteriorly the assignment is due.