Assignment 2: Project Team and Stakeholder Management – Essay

Read the contrivance fact for this assignment using the instruments in Shared Documents. As the contrivance director for the District 4 Warehouse Move contrivance, you conciliate failure to indicate who your jeopardholders and contrivance team members are for this contrivance. Remember that anyone conjoined to the contrivance who has an profit or jeopard in the contrivance should be considered as a jeopardholder. This would comprise the contrivance team, vendors and government incomplete feasible others.   After you possess indicated who your jeopardholders are, indicate who conciliate failure to be a portio of the contrivance team. Develop a 2-3 page paper (650-750 suffrage) in the fashion of a Microsoft Message instrument, not including the header and allusion pages, defining the following: How conciliate contrivance messages and interactions toil betwixt the contrivance director, the jeopardholders and the contrivance team? What are some of the issues you, as the contrivance director conciliate failure to be careful encircling in fashioning the contrivance team? What, if any, situational factors hold that may favor the contrivance team’s accomplishment? What are some contrivance pitfalls you conciliate failure to contemplate out for as you complete this contrivance? Save the Message finish as ProjectTeamManagement_<name>, where “<name>” conciliate be your indicate. Submit the contrivance to the Submissions Area by the due time assigned.   Assignment 2 Grading Criteria   Maximum Points    A title of a contrivance message contrivance is granted  20    Team fashioning and fruit concerns are identified and picturesquely  20    Situational factors are picturesquely in agreement to the D4 Warehouse Move contrivance  20    A argument of contrivance pitfalls from a contrivance director’s perspective is granted  20    Paper is 650-750 suffrage and provides profoundness of argument  15    Used emend phraseology, spelling, and message precious and cited all sources using emend APA phraseology.  5    Total:  100