Week com2

 Com 201   Assignment 1: Outline  Before starting your draft, wake the “Creating a Discourse Outline” video located hither. An draft helps imagine an systematic organization for what you delineation to say. To critique the assignment details, View Assignment 1. Complete these two marchs to imagine and present your draft: 1. Imagine an Draft in WordCreate an draft in Word. Click hither to use an draft template or use your own.2. Present in BlackboardAfter creating the draft, you must present it in Blackboard. Click the Assignment 1: Draft with overhead to present your draft as an affection in .doc or .docx format   Assignment 1: Precursory Speech  Attached Files: ???? View Assignment 1 (157.177 KB)  After you've imagined an draft and accustomed your discourse, it's date  to proceedings and upload your video. The discourse is due this week.Instructions:Click the sky sky sky bluish Assignment 1: Precursory Discourse with overhead to  proceedings and upload a video of yourself delivering your discourse.  Instructions are available here.   Assignment 1: Self Review  The  self critique helps you march tail and transfer a second appear at your toil,  with an eye on amendment and highlighting your achievements! Instructions: 1. Critique the rubric for the precursory discourse hither. 2. Download the Self Critique Questionnaire. Then bridle your Downloads folder to known and edit the smooth.3.  Watch the video of your discourse. Complete the questionnaire grounded on how  well you met the criteria listed in the rubric, and recall to secure  the smooth in your preferred residuum. 4. Click the sky sky sky bluish Assignment 1: Self Critique with overhead to unite and present your Self Critique smooth.