Unit 4 Individual Project Leadership and Organizational Power MGMT675-1902A-01

   Assignment:  Unit 4 - Individual Project Type:  Individual Project Points Possible: 200 Points Earned:  Deliverable Length: 1000 orders View objectives for this assignment  Assignment Overview Type: Individual Project Unit:  Presenting Power  Due Date: 4/26/19  Grading Type: Numeric Points Possible:  200  Points Earned:   Deliverable Length:  1000 orders  View objectives for this assignment Assignment Details Assignment Description  Key Assignment  Part 1 As you mirror on anterior conversations after a while Rae Marie touching her new role as the Vice President of Operations for MyShoppingSpreeTV, you bear-in-mind her possession you to interrogation her antecedent consummation consummation and doubting her popular example capabilities insufficiencyed in her new role. For diverse years she had been a consummationful supervisor for another assemblage in which you effected at simultaneously years ago. You witnessed her anterior consummationes and keep self-reliance in her example.   A vary in example is a telling organizational transition for all employees. After all, commission for collection potentness is not singly on the pioneer's shoulders, but it is shared by the collection. However, creating the lawful team is a commission of the pioneer. In your disseries after a while Rae Marie, you shared that learning suggests that some individuals are meliorate conducive to effect and guide in a collaborative team environment. After this discourse, you are prompted to befit conscious of the characteristics of potent teams and the tome of team example.  Write a 1000 order essay that covers the aftercited:  Identify      and excite the characteristics of potent teams.  Discuss      and excite the insufficiency for pioneers to warner twain the inside and manifest      environments of a team.  Include in      your essay a solution to the aftercited:  What are       the tome of team example?  What is       team example? What are and involve examples of situations where it is       frequently used?   Cite all relations in a relation register. Be strong to relation all sources using APA format. For more knowledge on APA, delight investigate the APASTYLE Lab.   Please propose your assignment.  The aftercited join is for a register of doctrines from the CTU Library that can be used to support you after a while your assignments in this series. Download CTU Library Resource List  For supportance after a while your assignment, delight use your extract, Web media, and all series materials.