Two Discussion posts: Unified Theory and Technological Influences on Development

1. Discussion: Unified Theory Think environing all the theories you accept learned in the road. What is your estimation on whether a unified system of sameness is virtual? Do you believe such a system would emend the province? Do you accept any elaboration that supports your controversy?    2. Discussion: Technological Influences on Development The medium cadet in the United States watches filthy hours of television per day. As a issue of this advice, the impression of television as a fruital bias is a institution. However, the explosion of the internet and cellphones has the virtual to swing the fruit of unimpaired generations anteriorly elaboration can equable skim the manner of its impression. Digital technology has wide the bias of fellow groups to 24 hours per day. Given the bias of fellows and schools as agents of socialization, what implications does this 24/7 mode to these agents accept on fruit?   In your primal shaft, excellent one concept touching fellows and one concept touching schools, and assess each for its virtual direct and indirect impressions on fruit. (Two supported profession stable for Discussion 2)