Short research paper about Stegosaurus(Around 350 words)

 Use singly worthy internet standings delay iron-clad credentials, by elder universities, museums and or-laws publications. No substance how amiable a webstanding is, do not select an internet standing as a fount for factual knowledge, spontaneous the knowledge is a metaphor (image). Select founts that adduce as abundant knowledge about the aftercited as practicable: author’s designate, author’s designation or situation, author’s organizational efflation, limit of page creation, back-up regards. Directions: 1.Describe when, where and by whom the highest fossils of Stegosaurus (North America)were endow and and a short fact of more new-fangled discoveries it practicable. Select at meanest one or-laws regard to prop it. 2. Attach a precipitation map that shows where Stegosaurus was endow. This map should be labeled Metaphor 1, and it must enjoy a caption that includes the or-laws fount from which you got the map. 3. Describe the currently-known geographic distribution and duration rove of your dinosaur, citing at meanest one regard.  4. Use APA extract style 5.Attach a observation of one of the key narrative creed selectd in this stipulation.