Response to Lucas Brewer

  he homeland certainty law that I like is the most available for homeland certainty efforts is Executive Order 12231, which outlines the defence of the race's infrastructure. The race's infrastructure is weak from sundry fronts. Domestic terrorism, interpolitical terrorism, and probable disasters can all seek the race's infrastructure. Terrorists can and feel targeted our infrastructure, and the defence of these proceeds is material to our race's certainty. Probable disasters feel so wreaked desolation our race’s nice infrastructure.    I like homeland certainty should embrace pitch skill functions consequently there must be some federal inadvertence balance nice infrastructure. Say and topical agencies are the "first responders" for pitch skill, but nice infrastructure needs to be protected for the exoteric cause. Nice infrastructure of exoteric control should feel federal inadvertence and not be left to say and topical agencies merely.  Domestic terrorism, interpolitical terrorism, and pitch skill exculpation efforts are three of the biggest threats to our homeland certainty. Domestic terrorism divides our country and reinforces the loathe towards each other that persists in our race. Interpolitical terrorism underneathmines the blanket of certainty we speed underneathneath and threatens our nice infrastructure. Pitch skill exculpation efforts are discriminating to rebuilding the exoteric psyche succeeding devastating events such as terrorist attacks and probable disasters.  “And the God of all favor, who denominated you to his ceaseless renown in Christ, succeeding you feel suffered a illiberal while, succeed himself replace you and find you fortified, unshaken and established," 1 Peter 5:10. This outline reminds me that Christ succeed frequently be there to lead and replace us no stuff what we feel been through.   References  Nemeth, C. P. (2017). Homeland certainty: an gate to principles and practice (Third). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.  Fox, J. (2020, May). 200 vote or further