Project Proposal for Ministry of Trade Web Portal

COMPUTER SCIENCE DEPARTMENT PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR MINISTRY OF TRADE WEB PORTAL PRESENTED BY: RAHAB WAMBUI KIARIE REG NO: SP13/20526/08 COURSE CODE: COMP 402 PRESENTED TO: MR. OMWOYO SUBMISSION TIME: OCTOBER 2011 A plan balanceture submitted in restricted fulfillment of the grade of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science of Egerton University. Ttalented of Contents ABSTRACT3 CHAPTER ONE: 1. 0 INTRODUCTION4 1. 1 PROBLEM STATEMENT4 1. 2 OBJECTIVES5 CHAPTER TWO: 2. 0 LITERATURE REVIEW5 2. SCOPE OF THE SYSTEM6 STARNDARD REQUIREMENT6 3. 0 SYSTEM REQUIREMENT6 3. 1) HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS6 3. 1. 1) APPLICATION PROGRAM6 3. 1. 2 Operating System6 CHAPTER FOUR: 4. 0 DEVELOPMENT PROCESS7 4. 1 PROJECT SCHEDULE AND BUDJET8 4. 1. 1 PROJECT SCHEDULE8 4. 1. 2 PROJECT BUDGET9 4. 1. 3 REFERENCES10 ? ABSTRACT As envisaged in Kenya’s longing 2030, commerce conquer be one of the key sectors to force economic crop of our dominion. The sector is the concatenate among decay and evolution among the dispensation and contributes towards the employment and lucre falsehood. There are dreadful immanents for commerce to embody a mediate role in driving and sustaining augmentation and want contraction in Kenya. The Micro, Small, and Moderation Enterprises (MSMEs), cuts across all sectors of the Kenyan dispensation but aspect multiform crop challenges love balancereliance on cultivation which primarily depends on unpredicttalented latitude, undercrop of Information, Communication and Technology and failure of chaffer notification of national issue twain nationally and interdiplomaticly. This plan conquer furnish a breach to investors and MSMEs by providing notification on the multiform cannonade opportunities conducive in Kenya separately from cultivation, apprehend encircling the multiform commerce policies to shun trickish commerce and besides furnish a platform where national companies can upload their union profiles and the administration promotes their products at commerce fairs at an interdiplomatic smooth. CHAPTER ONE: 1. 0 INTRODUCTION The Administration of Trade’s exoteric injunction is: Commerce crop policy; Crop of micro and insignificant vocation; Fair commerce practices and consumer protection; Private sector crop and interdiplomatic commerce affairs. The administration conquer challenger the preferment of twain private and irrelevant commerce through falsehood of an enabling vocation and cannonade environment as eminentlighted in this plan balanceture. The meaning of this balanceture is to clear-up in element the aim of the plan, the methods used in the implementation of the scheme, purpose of the scheme and budget and season catalogue for the implementation of the plan. It begins delay the initiative which introduces the scheme to be exposed. The present bisect is the bearing declaration, the study reconsideration, the purpose of the scheme and the requirements for the scheme. In the purpose of the scheme we own the scheme functionalities and its limitations. Since the scheme is to be exposed among a located season perform and budget engagement, it is peremptorily that the balanceture besides contains the budget and season catalogue. This clear-ups the season catalogue for the scheme and besides the budget for the scheme. . 1 PROBLEM STATEMENT Kenya commerce toil aspects a sum of challenges: sciolistic vocation regulatory performproduct adventitious to multiple licensing and stolid or irrelevant regulations for SMEs which in decline manages to eminent absorb of vocation transactions; Failure of embracing commerce notification on the endureing and emerging chaffers to investors and SMEs. Failure of gauge vocation managerial skills and snare to interdiplomatic best vocation practices has hampered the augmentation of the MSE sector. To subdue the bearing a scheme needs to be exposed delay the springboard extrinsic of providing Kenyans delay a mediateized colony where they can get commerce notification and thus manage to economic augmentation and realization of longing 2030. 1. 2 OBJECTIVES 1. To expand a lucky Administration of Commerce web entrance 2. To warrant stipulations for lucky implementation of a new improved scheme. 3. To augment entrance of commerce notification to Kenyans. CHAPTER TWO: 2. 0 LITERATURE REVIEW Having serene notification on the administration of commerce I was talented to settle the deep drawbacks associated delay the services of the toil. Notification sharing among the administration and the vocation fellow-creatures is not self-possessed. Enormous opportunities endure in the private, regional and interdiplomatic chaffers. These opportunities should be bulkyly exploited through the schemeatic preferment of Micro, Small, and Moderation Enterprises (MSMEs) and providing notification to them. It is sharp to melody that as commerce befits bounteous and global, technological innovations conquer befit increasingly great, assistance consumers past and past options at cheaper prices in the dominion and all balance the globe. Delay this scheme in settle all the requests for commerce notification, conquer be conducive to recipients at any attached season. Therefore immanent users’ are:- oInvestors twain national and interdiplomatic. oConsumers. oOther ministries in the government that product air-tight delay administration of commerce. oOwners of insignificant and decreeration extentd vocationes. 2. SCOPE OF THE SYSTEM The web entrance conquer aid in the availing all the elements of the commerce toil. It conquer, as its artfulnessate suggests, be settle where the administration can interact delay the general general on matters pertaining its decree of production. There are diversified issues encircling the scheme’s purpose. STARNDARD REQUIREMENT The requirements understand the following: 1. Computers 3. 0 SYSTEM REQUIREMENT 3. 1) Hardware requirements ?Processor – Pentium IV delay 2. 0 GHz or eminenter ?Memory – 1GB of RAM or past ?Hard Disk extent - 320 GB for estimate, 20 GB for client 3. 1. ) Application program Programming: PHP and JavaScript, Database artfulness: MySQL, Interface: Macromedia Dream weaver, Macromedia fireworks, Macromedia Flash, Web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer, Web server: Apache, System: Linux and Windows. 3. 1. 2 Operating Scheme ?Windows XP (32-bit), Vista(32 – 64-bit), or Windows 7 (32 – 64-bit) ? Linux CHAPTER FOUR: 4. 0 DEVELOPMENT PROCESS The program crop course conquer mingle a sum of steps as shown in the career diagram beneath: 4. 1 PROJECT SCHEDULE AND BUDJET 4. 1. 1 Plan catalogue Ministry of Commerce web entrance is a bulky plan that can be wellbred in a duration of six months which equates to two semesters. The moderate loading of the scheme delay postulates takes settle at the commissioning of the scheme. A consummate catalogue is as beneath. Period/TimeActivityDescription November 2011 Acquisition of use¬ful Resources. This mingles collecting the available axioms from the administration of Commerce November 2011Databases Artfulness Building specific postulatesbases, tables and specific archives sets and loading delay exemplification experience postulates. December 2011 o January 2012Defining Archives setsInvolves defining kinsfolk of postulates among multiform postulatesbases and instrument of entranceing them February 2012Creating a Graphi¬cal User InterfaceInvolves creating user inter¬aspect that users of the scheme conquer use to inquiry for notification March 2012TestingInvolves experienceing the scheme delay exemplification postulates and correcting any anomalies especially in the postulatesbase artfulness if any. April 2012Loading DatabasesInvolves clearing postulatesbases delay experience postulates and loading delay developed postulates. May 2012Commissioning the Scheme This mingles deployment of the scheme, estimateing it so that it can be entranceed by anybody. Ttalented 1) Plan catalogue 4. 1. 2 PROJECT BUDGET PARTICULARSQUANTITYUNIT PRICE (Kshs)TOTAL COST(Kshs) 1Transport 5000 2Storage devices scintillate force, CDs2 GB Scintillate Force 2 Compact Disks 1,000 252,000 50 3Printing expenses1000 4Stationery2 A4 Books 2 pens 100 25200 50 5Computer Machine and softwareAvailtalented but scant 6Internet absorbs 2000 7Airtime6000 TOTALKshs 16,300 Ttalented 2) plan budget 4. 1. 3 REFERENCES ?Ministry of Commerce Strategic Plan 2008-2012. ?Hawryszkiewycz, I. (1998), Initiative to Scheme Analysis and Design, Prentice Hall, Australia.