Overview of Information Systems and Technology Assignment

   Assignment Content 1.   Top of Form Resource: Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization In the Library Virtual Organizations page, invent the Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization in the drop-down menu subordinate Businesses and expatiate to the Riordan Intranet pages to study the advice environing the network diagrams for uncertain Riordan predicaments.  How to Expatiate to the Riordan Mfg. Intranet Pages: Visit the amalgamate adown to examination a two-minute video describing how to expatiate to the Riordan Manufacturing intranet web pages: https://youtu.be/v1ScrKSHCm4 You allure want the network diagram for the Pontiac, Michigan predicament to entire this assignment. Reexamination the aftercited scenario: You are an employee of Riordan Manufacturing, which has regular past through a troop reorganization. You enjoy been reassigned to a irrelative posture and are now the advice technology (IT) ally scheme controller. Your overseer has informed you that the troop is expanding and allure notorious a new employment in Provo, Utah. You enjoy been tasked delay expanding the troop’s IT infrastructure by contrast up the IT classification in the new employment. For your new Provo, Utah subsidence You allure delineation a classification congruous to the solid classification at the Pontiac, Michigan subsidence, but you allure commend up-do-date, state-of-the art hardware and software instead of the old outdated hardware and software now used in Pontiac. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word tractate that answers the aftercited questions: 1. Describe and debate the solid classifications at the Pontiac, Michigan subsidence.  2. Debate the global inter-connectivity and the implicit development of a deficiency of a greater content of this classification.  3. Describe the reasons to guard your new Provo, Utah classification and the consequences of inadequate assurance. 4. List the upgraded replacement hardware and software allure you use in your Provo, Utah predicament fixed on the solid old equipment at the Pontiac, Michigan predicament. Format your tractate congruous delay APA guidelines. Be strong to INCLUDE YOUR NAME IN THE FILE NAME when you hinder the muniment.