Part A: Answer each of the forthcoming questions in one or two paragraphs.  1. Code the forthcoming binding tidings. Prebinding Diagnosis: Left flank luxurious edifice body Postbinding Diagnosis: Left flank luxurious edifices body Surgeon: John Doe, DO  Operations: Extirpation of left flank luxurious edifice body following a while layered imperviousness measuring 4 cm , following a while margins, antecedent to extirpation Anesthesia: sedation following a while 1% lidocaine following a while epinephrine and sodium bicarbonate Operative Indications: this is a grateful womanly who end in following a while luxurious edifice lesion in the left  flank balance what answered to be a Spigelian Hernia locality as well-behaved-mannered. However, it was not reducible and did not answer to be compatible following a while a hernia. Consequently, the act, risk, benefits, and choice of extirpation of this lesion were discussed following a while the resigned, and she silent and wished to returns following a while the extirpation.  Operative Findings: Large luxurious edifice lesion measuring environing 6 cm in first dimension  Operative act: The resigned was brought into the influence locality following assured agree was obtained. The resigned then underwent sedation following a while a unproductive prep and arrange. We then anesthetized following a while 1% lidocaine following a while epinephrine and sodium bicarbonate, made a 4-cm incision, and used pointed anatomy to scrutinize circumferentially about this luxurious edifice lesion, life cautious to frame knowing that we were not entering any peel of hernia sac inferior to Spigelian hernia. As we continued to scrutinize circumferentially about it following a whileout pointed anatomy, it was distinguished that it did go down to a muscle, but no token of hernia was signed. The lesion was excised in its entirety and electrocautery was used to curb hemostasis. We then irrigated following a while distinguished disintegration and terminate the subcutaneous edifice following a while 3-0 Vicryl occasional and sutures. We then used 4-0 Vicryl sutures to terminate the husk in a subcuticular usage. Benzoin and Steri-Strips were then applied. Blood waste was minimal. The resigned tolerated the act well-behaved-mannered-mannered and remained in solid stipulation throughout the act.