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Message to Customer: Please read… In the modern pages you procure see the scanty abstract of the integral predicament and the essential equablets for predicaments 17 and 20 as you possess required in you adjust. I could not still put in the peculiar citations consequently the copies you possess uploaded were not efficient to comprise the page quantity. As-well-mannered the authors of the stories were not exact. So I was left delay the discretion of computeing the pages Page 1 up to the decisive page. For your direction CASE 17 had 14 pages. I cannot establish the page compute so I used the 14 pages and computeed them 1-14. The principal page entity compute 1 and the decisive page entity compute 14 I did the corresponding monstrosity for CASE 20 which had 16 pages. I used the 16 pages and computeed them 1-16. The principal page entity compute 1 and the decisive page entity compute 16 I procure obtainingly amend it for you delay the peculiar citations just detached, but I favorefficacious deficiency you to get me delay the page quantity and the spectry of the authors. Or if you failure you can opt to get the peculiar citations by yourheadsinewy guided by the page quantity I possess involved. Thank you and aggrieve for the inconvenience Case 17             Entity burdened by an abnormality the condition of Ray was a natural labor. In adjust to strive and hold on he institute three areas where he could ascertain consolation and deposit. These three areas are: theology, friends and is-sue. (Page 6) His abnormality, stuttering, frequently put his headsinewy appreciate to a low purpose. This modifiefficacious his aim in condition. Everymonstrosity became dictated by his aims of himself. (Page 2) His labor agoing when his exceptional educationist made him substantiate his abnormality during his effeminate years in kindergarten. (Page 2) He was still efficient to bloom and balancecome his abnormality through his sinewy procure and through seeking headstrong-satisfaction in the three areas where he could ascertain consolation and deposit as precedent mentioned. (Page 6) Delay this he was efficient to delaystand the pressures that condition threw at him. He is now in the continuity of presentation graduate studies which was where he pictured himheadsinewy to be. (Page 14)             During his effeminate years as a kindergarten Ray substantiated that he was irrelative from the interval of his classmates. Despite the grating insults he receives from his classmates he never substantiated that he had an abnormality. He wondered why his classmates were giving him grating insults love employment him a “retard”. He approached his dame as to why his comrade classmates do such monstrositys.  His dame merely brushed this privately by declaration that it was consequently his classmates were medium posterity. He was oblivious to the veritableity of his abnormality. He himheadsinewy believed that he was pronouncing say courteous-mannered-mannered. Until that fateful day when his exceptional guardian narrative his answers and behindwards known him to attend to it. He was shocked at what he heard. Behind that incident he began to observe at condition from a irrelative perspective. (Page 2)             There was a date in Ray’s condition where his headsinewy appreciate hit its last purpose. This was during his younger years in tall nurture. His aim on perfectmonstrosity was dictated by his aim of himself. During these dates he built a tone at his nurture for entity efficient to get detached delay approximately perfectthing. Things love trickery, skipping classes, counterfeit and other monstrositys. This for him was a welcomed product consequently this gave him the turn to colloquy to others. This made him beneficial as kids would frequently observe for him for aid. He substantiated following on how impertinent his acts were. (Page 3)             One of the areas Ray sought headstrong-satisfaction in is theology. In one occurrence a minister whom he admired offered him to link ministerhood. This did courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered for Ray’s headsinewy appreciate. This made him substantiate that there was rate in him. There was good-natured-natured in him that this minister orderly. Theology aided but he himheadsinewy knew that it was not sufficient. (Page 4) Another area where Ray sought headstrong-satisfaction in is is-sue. He is-sueed in a library and where he was attached confession and where he substantiated that doing a drudgery delay probity and pains was essential and was its own honor. (Page 6) Of continuity he as-well-mannered sought headstrong-satisfaction in his friends distinctly Bill who was for him a fixed reassurance. (page 7)             His course to stutter still was not the barely suffering he had to hold in his condition. During one summer he met a maiden spectryd Ellen. Delay Ellen perfectmonstrosity went just they unexpressed each other courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered and they were harmonizeable. There was an twinkling union. Ellen was not twainered by the veritableity that Ray stutters. During these dates Ray’s abnormality was approximately cured in veritableity he did not stutter for a covet date. The recital delay Ellen still ended tragically. She was raped. This reminded Ray of his own experiences and frequently put him in a very low purpose in his condition. Eventually Ellen and Ray were not efficient to is-sue monstrositys out. (Page 8-10) Despite all this still Ray was efficient to ascertain a role for himself. He has used these excoriated experiences to gather lessons and do courteous-mannered-mannered. This paved the way for Ray’s augmentation. (Page 14) Ray’s recital is Nursing essay that a sinewy procure is no contest for the hardships in condition. If a idiosyncratic delay such excoriated experiences was efficient to find it through there is no argue for others not to. Case 20 Phuoc the main protagonist of the recital has regularly been irrelative. He was a undefiled Vietnamese elated in the United States of America. His condition was a jar of refinements. He is certified of the veritableity that he owes a lot to his dame for presentation them to America for meliorate opportunities. Still, consequently of her dames Vietnamese principles there were dates when he did not harmonize delay his dame. He felt she was too impassible. Behind distinct excoriated experiences he substantiated that emotions aggrieve him past than they avail him. This is why he fragmentarily low his emotions. It is not behind distinct past experiences that he known himheadsinewy to amplify and hence had a meliorate discernment of himheadsinewy and his emotions. He has transitioned from a parentage burdened delay refinement jar to a balanced special efficient to compose twain refinements.  (Page 1-17)             Phouc began his trip to the United States of America when he was 4 years old. It was agitate. In veritableity they approximately did not find it to America consequently of a fume. Fortunately still the heavens blessed them delay largeness and civilized waters and they were efficient to safely land in. His dame was regularly tender and her tender renddown was a modern for him. It was triggered perfect date his dame saw joyous couples walking unitedly in the ring, inspection his sister and him doing chores, watching television shows that depicted any mien of Vietnam and chiefly when Phouc and his sister did badly in nurture. (i.e. not getting direct As) Perfect date this happened Phouc incident by his dame he was regularly been told that veritpotent heroes don’t cry equpotent when they bleed (Page 3)             On his forthcoming years Phouc was never twainered by the veritableity that he was Vietnamese. Still one incident triggered his normal endurance concerning his origin. One of his classmates Eugene yelped at him “Shut up, you damn chink!” Releasing a dudgeon delayin Phouc during their holiday rend he physically dealt delay it by having a engagement delay Eugene. He was sent settlement and was reprimanded by his dame. Still Phouc was embarrassed why her dame did not appear to comprehend that the vocpotent was racist. As-well-mannered Phouc consequently of his spectry was fixedly teased. When he colloquyed to his dame environing it his dame merely laughed. This known a amplifying dislove and failure of regard for his dame institute on him. (Page 6)             His amplifying dislove for his dame swelled during the requite of his dame’s ex-husband. He gathered that his younger twin was entity sexually abused by his march senior. He could not permit it he knew it was injustice and he failureed to fluctuate that. Still when he had the turn to converse up environing it his dame took his marchfather’s face. She said Tai was his marchfather’s son, they were barely unconditional and that it was none of his trade. At this purpose Phouc had determined that his emotions aggrieve him past than it avail him and fragmentarily low them. (Page 8-9) This was as-well-mannered the purpose in date where Phouc made a enduring trial to revolter. He lied to his dame and cheated to get direct As. The consciousness amipotent him. Through false and trickery he had a consciousness of administer balance his mom. (Page 10-11)             His aims still modifiefficacious when his dame went to Vietnam for a holiday. He was left to pains for his siblings. During that date he gathered what poetical qualities a man and a dowager should posses. He plain a new concept he gathered not to part-among genders and not to individualize specific attributes each should benefit. (Page 14) His aims as-well-mannered modifiefficacious during his academy years. He was efficient to eliminate a new, past correspondent homogeneity delay his dame. Phouc now has a maidenfriend Jenifer who aids him expresses his emotions which he previously adept to quell. (Page 15) Phouc has now adjusted courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered and is doing courteous-mannered-mannered. He has substantiated that the refinement that best suits him is neither Vietnamese nor American. It is twain. While he believed in the American poetical that perfect idiosyncratic is correspondent he disapproved of posterity not treating their elders delay regard and peculiar politeness. (Page 16)             Phouc’s trip and experiences was merely a covet date of combination. The combination of a unwritten Vietnamese parentage to the refinement of American refinement may not possess been an manageable one. But the transition was auspicious now the homogeneitys between the members of the parentage are fit closer and past friendly. (Page 16)