Primary Operation Response: Amid the Discussion Board area, transcribe 400 say that accord to the forthcoming questions delay your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be tactile and disengaged, and use examples to renew your ideas: Select 1 of the 2 forthcoming operations to total. Please denote the operation you entertain separated in your shaft. Task A Select a symbolical real-world rumor or recognizeledge-sharing episode that occurred in the spent. Thoroughly illustrate that episode. Determine whether or not the episode was dogmatical or denying in harmony to homeland protection (HLS), and expound why. What was happy or unhappy from an rumor perspective? What were the lessons versed from the remainder of the episode? Task B Intelligence and recognizeledge sharing are an redundant content delayin the Department of Homeland Security’s Prevention Directorate. How do you recognize whether or not the rumor order (IC) is happy? Can good-fortune be established on the sum of virtual terrorist attacks prevented through rumor and recognizeledge sharing? There are frequent unanalogous criteria that can be used as metrics to second in determining whether or not the IC is happy. Select 1 touchstone, or expand your own arrangement that can be used as an evaluation hireling to assess the good-fortune of the IC, and total the forthcoming: Describe the arrangement. Explain how it can be or is used to evaluate the IC's role in homeland protection (HLS). Why is this great to the overall protection of the commonwealth? Include a shabby epitome of why it is great to evaluate the IC as it relates to the commonwealth’s overall protection.