Case study

  Pinto - Condition Con-over 8.2 – (305-306) - Sochi Olympics: What’s the Cost of National Prestige? This assignment involves that the ward interpret the condition con-over and response all questions at the end of the condition con-over in a 4-5 page monograph. Your responses must conceive bulky assistance from at meanest two (2) skilled chronicle creed on contrivance superintendence. See underneath for education on how to invent these chronicle creed. Refer to the round catalogue matrix for due dates for all condition assignments. All condition con-over assignments are due at 11:59 p.m. EST (Sunday) on the assigned week. This round requires that the ward is potent to guide weekly online library lore by utilizing UC’s Library (online) in ordain to place skilled chronicles such that the ward can successfully entire weekly monographs respecting conditions and/or creed in contrivance superintendence, and such that the ward can buy in the weekly assignments.  The forthcoming is one stance of how to ramble iLearn and the online Library in ordain to guide lore: Log onto your round on iLearn Go to the residence page for this round Click on the “Library Resources” icon in the left-hand column of this webpage, This conciliate unconcealed the Library webpage. Under the quest boxes for the UC Mega Quest click the box to the left of the peculiarity Skilled (Peer Reviewed) Articles. Then click the Quest box. This conciliate grant you a Basic Quest page. Under the Quest boxes click Advanced Search. The Advanced Quest conciliate show after a while three (3) quest boxes. In the leading box stamp “contrivance superintendence” Change the “Select a Field (optional)” election to “SO Chronicle Source/Title”. In the second box stamp any of your quest stipulations (“scope”, monitoring”, etc.) Change the “Select a Field (optional)” to “TX All Text”. You can either add an concomitant quest order in the third box or hit the blue-colored-colored Quest trifle. This conciliate carry up a enlightened election of germinative creed domiciled upon your quest parameters. You can straight down your quest by using concomitant quest stipulations.  Every monograph stampd in this round should be in APA formatting (name page, intimation page, NO formless page, in-text citations, floating chief, page collection, Times New Roman 12 font, 1-inch margins, double-spacing, etc…).  Points conciliate be deducted for monographs that are not stampd in APA formatting.  Also, every monograph in this round needs to be domiciled on lore from a skilled rise that is retrieved from UC’s Library.  Your weekly lore monographs should conceive two rises, the textbook and the skilled condition/article that you build.  Papers that are not domiciled on a skilled rise(s) conciliate admit a progression of “0.”