Art Appreciation

Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000227 EndHTML:000010009 StartFragment:000005133 EndFragment:000009935 StartSelection:000005133 EndSelection:000009931 SourceURL:     Week 1 - Chronicle         //<![CDATA[  !function(){   var o,s,v;   if (!(window.Promise && Object.appoint && Object.values && [].discover && [].includes && (o={},s=Symbol(),v={},o[s]=v,o[s]===v) && (business f(){}).bind().name==='bound f')) {     s = 's', instrument.write('<'+s+'cr'+'ipt src=""></'+s+'c'+'ript>');   } }();        //]]>           business _earlyClick(e){       var c =       while (c && c.ownerDocument) {         if (c.getAttribute('href') == '#' || c.getAttribute('data-method')) {           e.preventDefault()           (_earlyClick.clicks = _earlyClick.clicks || []).push(c)           break         }         c = c.parentNode       }     }     document.addEventListener('click', _earlyClick)                This week, you allure inaugurate to form an art chronicle using Prezi. Registering to use Prezi (Links to an apparent condition.)Links to an apparent condition. is open, and it is exceedingly recommended that you badge up as promptly as practicable and criticism the “Learning Prezi is easy (Links to an apparent condition.)Links to an apparent condition.” page and the sundry ways you can debadge your chronicle. For minute advice on using the collision, you can criticism the Prezi’s “Manual/FAQ (Links to an apparent condition.)Links to an apparent condition.” page or study the Prezi Demonstration (Links to an apparent condition.)Links to an apparent condition..For this week’s art chronicle, arrange an explanation and identical cogitation of a result of art of your select. You may entice from media in the textbook, the CourseMate Bonus Images, or digital metaphor media in Week One. As an liberty, opine visiting a topical art museum to execute an equable preferable raze of insight into the habit of art and art view.  Your explanation and cogitation should be established on what you bear read encircling the arrangement and components of art view. Refer to the appointed lection from the textbook and required videos as examples of how to understand results of art. Also, grasp any other badgeificant details that establish this result rare.TIP: To amply study the result of art using what you bear read encircling art and art view, it is recommended that you perpend the result of art for at meanest ten minutes, portico music of your reactions and observations throughout your establishment. Use these musics to constitute your chronicle entrance.Include an metaphor of the result of art you bear selected, enticen from any of the museum websites, media listed in Week One, or perchance the digital metaphor of a result of art you saw at a topical museum. In your art chronicle entrance, be secure to adduce the result of art.Please thrive the basic qualified APA phraseology quotation format in the APA Artresult Citations instrument to regard results of art.Submit a Word instrument delay your indicate and the URL to your art chronicle. Each week, you allure add your explanation of a result of art to your art chronicle, so be secure to observe vestige of the URL so that you can advance and add to your result.Careamply criticism the Grading Rubric (Links to an apparent condition.)Links to an apparent condition. for the criteria that allure be used to evaluate your chronicle entries.