60 question quiz

   Michele is rouseed firm to succeed up aftercited a period a prominent, "easy-to-type" coalition of letters and symbols to use as her new concourse's netresult harangue. Her knitting concourse designate is "Michele's Designs"...so she is thinking of using "http://MichelesKnittedDesigns.com." What is Michele rouseed on for her concourse?       a. its Internet utility arranger     (ISP)       b. its spyware programming       c. its symmetrical contrivance locator     (URL)       d. its Hyperpassage concede     protocol (http)  Internet use in the United States today is increasing at its prominent objurgate incessantly.       a.     True   b.     False In the watch of the 9/11 attacks on America, it became clear that the terrorists used the Internet to coordinate the batch, to suite funds, and to succor renew new members to their productr.       a.     True   b.     False Which of the aftercitedcited is an copy of a website going "social"?       a. An online intelligencepaper invites     commentary from readers.       b. An online library allows     "virtual" borrowing of their periodicals.       c. A concourse's 401K bundle can     be accessed by employees online.       d. A drapery store's website     gives discounts for online subserviency.  Jennifer and Jason are rouseed on their new software bundles to be extricated aftercited this month. They confirm consulted aftercited a period disjoined companies and fellow-creatures who achieve be succoring them aftercited a period the Internet methods used to concede their smooths balance the Web. Which of the aftercitedcited are they discussing aftercited a period these companies and fellow-creatures?       a. Hyperpassage concede protocols     (https)       b. encryptions       c. Web 2.0       d. political instrument  Martina is frustrated. She is enigmatical to get a lot polished at result this morning, but she remains having to remain for her computer beproducer frosty boxes dictum "application loading" remain popping up on her shade, rendering her computer unserviceefficacious until they debouch. What is Martina remaining for?       a. plug-ins       b. cookies       c. scripts       d. XHTMLs  Which of the aftercitedcited resulted in the origin of the Universe Wide Web in 1991?       a. the fabrication of hyperpassage     markup phraseology (HTML)       b. the evolvement of     transmission-control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP)       c. the introduceation of the pristine     wide area netresult (WAN) and exoteric area netresult (LAN)       d. the introduceation of modems  Which of the aftercitedcited is NOT gentleman of ISPs?       a. They link users to the     Internet and arrange e-mail accounts.       b. There are balance than 400 in     the United States aftercited a period exoteric coverage.       c. They grasp telephone and     cefficacious companies.       d. They are chiefly diminutive, exoteric     operations.  What are protocols?       a. situates where full is     created and portiod       b. technical rules superior     facts message       c. encryptions used when     messages are written in code       d. applications in which users     can arrange and oat-up full  The ARPANET program exposed the pristine statement of the wireclose networked computing (the copy for what would besucceed the Internet) in 1972. What was their ocean intention in creating this network?       a. to arrange a netresult     infrastructure for Apple's new PC settlement computers       b. to arrange crucial stay     for NASA researchers to adannex aftercited a period province agents       c. to succor coordinate unmoulded     incongruous accumulation exchanges balance the universe to succor contention speculative     investing       d. to ameliorate coordination     unmoulded incongruous researchers rouseed on U.S. Department of Defense     projects  The true computer revolvement in Hollywood is importation situate aftercited the scenes, during the post-genesis course, when films get their finishing touches.       a.     True   b.     False Which of the aftercitedcited is the BIGGEST dissimilarity unmoulded IP Statement 6 and its ancestor?       a. It allows for trillions and     trillions of Internet haranguees, as unanalogous to the preceding 4 billion.       b. It uses HTML phraseology when-in-truth     the older statement used an obsolete Internet phraseology.       c. It exacts 6 (instead of the     5 precedingly exactd) channels to be operational at all eras.       d. It is an interexoteric     version, allowing for the pristine era nations balance the globe to     participate.  Who is the floating "Goliath"?       a. Microsoft       b. Facebook       c. Alphabet       d. Yahoo!  Personal computer sales are plummeting universewide as users switch to tablet computers and quickphones.       a.     True   b.     False Which copy do Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and Wikipedia all thrive?       a. the Web 3.0 copy       b. the Web 2.0 copy       c. the political instrument copy       d. the HTML copy  Which of the aftercitedcited is NOT one of the top 10 Web properties?       a. Verizon, Inc.       b. Google Sites       c. Comcast NBCUniversal       d. AOL, Inc.  In the retort to the Internet's gigantic impression and govern, manifold infectious instrument exits are adopting the philosophy of "if you can't worst them, annex them."  Which of the aftercitedcited BEST exemplifies this?       a. McDonalds tenders online     coupons that oat-uprs can print and recbalance at their locations.       b. Coca-Cola Corp has an     elaboobjurgate Facebook page on which they announce and traffic.       c. The Boston Gazette Daily     Newspaper has transformed to an online-singly divulgation.       d. Ford Motor Concourse is a     "featured entry" on the Wikipedia.com website.  What discharge does the smooth concede protocol (FTP) achieve?       a. It links users to their     mail servers.       b. It governs electronic mailing     lists that "broadcast" email to special-interest groups.       c. It is used for sending e-mail     unmoulded estimate computers on the Internet.       d. It governs how electronic     documents and computer programs are infectious balance the Internet.  Fabio, President and CEO of GenTex, has impartial designated his superintendence team into his employment to concede them the good-natured-natured intelligence that their new PR spots confirm "gone viral."  What, accurately, happened to GenTex's PR spots?       a. The PR spots were ranked     unmoulded Internet users as top unmoulded resembling spots.       b. The PR spots were featured in     an online Internet intelligence narrative that was seen by pets.       c. The PR spots were excellent up     by users of political instrument and circulate directly through the Internet.       d. The PR spots were awarded top     honors at the annual Internet PR Symposium.  If you are enigmatical to originate a web page for your ligature and having awkwardness creating links to other groups on your page, what is the most slight productr of this drift?       a. Malfunctions in your     hyperpassage programs.       b. A maldischarge in your     computer's browser reminiscence.       c. Low smooths of disentanglement on     your wireclose network.       d. Connectivity issues aftercited a period your     computer's firm propel.  Which of the aftercitedcited is a key dissimilarity unmoulded "dumb" cell phones and quickphones?       a. "Dumb" cell phones     can singly frame phone persuades, when-in-truth quickphones can do a difference of other     things.       b. Smartphones confirm features     programmed onto the computer chips built into the firmware, when-in-truth     "dumb" cell phones exact software.       c. Smartphones can singly frame     phone persuades, when-in-truth "dumb" cell phones can do a difference of other     things.       d. "Dumb" cell phones     confirm features programmed onto the computer chips built into the firmware,     when-in-truth quickphones exact software.  Which of the aftercitedcited is NOT one of the three powerfuler categories into which telephone companies can be disconnected?       a. Interexoteric Record Carriers     (IRCs)       b. Exoteric Exchange Carriers     (LECs)       c. Cell Phone Carriers       d. Interexchange Carriers  Satellite message was orthodox by understanding myth writer Arthur C. Clarke.       a.     True   b.     False Telecom carriers encircling the term are rejecting the LTE criterion.       a.     True   b.     False What was the Telecommunications Act of 1996 prepared to conclude?       a. entrench balance council     restrictions on the "wildly careless" cell phone activity       b. span council and retired     corporations as permanent partners in profession of cell phones       c. burst secretly the extensive     privilege that was held by AT&T for balance than half a century       d. untangle occupation rules and     line-of-profession restrictions and let careclose traffic forces prevail  If Kerry needs a phone that treats twain tone and truths streams as packets of truths love those on the Internet and has download speeds of at meanest 10 pet bits per relieve, what achieve she confirm to do?       a. Lower her criterions.       b. Remain for the 5G phones to     succeed out.       c. Buy a 4G phone.       d. Buy a 3G phone.  Why are fiber-optic carriers fanciful for computer truths?       a. beproducer there are no faster     and balance reliefficacious wired or wireclose gift methods       b. beproducer they are immune to     the electrical suspension that plagues copper wire methods       c. beproducer they bestow truths at     speeds approaching 768 thousand bits per relieve       d. beproducer they economize an     intense beam of innocent, tight light  Which of the aftercitedcited is TRUE of cell phone robbery?       a. iPhones are stationary close     desirefficacious to thieves, twain balanceseas and in the United States.       b. Stolen cell phones can amply     be reactivated and used balanceseas, but not in the United States.       c. Stolen cell phones can amply     be reactivated and used in the United States, but not balanceseas.       d. Cell phone robbery is no longer     a drift in U.S. cities.  Why did President Franklin Roosevelt, through the Communications Act of 1934, substantiate the Federal Communications Commission?       a. to organize messages       b. to rive up the exoteric     exchanges       c. to substantiate wireclose     telephone technology       d. to inflame powerfuler     independence in the telephone activity  Which of these statements captures a low apprehension associated aftercited a period cellular phone trial?       a. The use of passage messaging     achieve frame it increasingly enigmatical for students to adproper to using laptops     or other types of computer for schoolwork.       b. Fellow-creatures achieve besucceed balancely     dependent upon cellular phones in their daily speeds.       c. Pubescent fellow-creatures can theoretically     meet criminals or sexual abusers through cell phone groups.       d. Pubescent fellow-creatures achieve amplify     greater debts as they began to use cellular phones for interexoteric     communications.  In manifold ways, the forthcoming telephone was the very pristine _______.       a. political network       b. dot com       c. laptop computer       d. digital notepad  Which of the aftercitedcited is TRUE of M-commerce?       a. It is impartial pestilential on in     twain Europe and the United States.       b. It is impartial pestilential on in     Europe, although it has been low in the United States for years.       c. It has been low in twain     Europe and the United States for years.       d. It is impartial pestilential on in the     United States, although it has been low in Europe for years.  What energy be the instant big art in cell phone and tablet apps?       a. essential trueity political instrument     apps       b. speed region prospect apps       c. surround and/or flashlight     apps       d. political instrument apps  Which of these arranges one of the pristine forms of what would be designated "third shade" technology?       a. the Apple identical computer       b. AT&T's forthcoming video     conferencing method       c. the Apple iPhone       d. the Verizon 1970s quick phone      YouTube is by far the most prevailing app on twain iPhone and Android brands and copys.       a.     True   b.     False In the forthcoming 20th century, the Bell Telegraph Concourse (which would besucceed AT&T) substantiateed a privilege in the forthcoming telephone activity beproducer _________.       a. it ruthlessly enforced its     patent rights to originate legitimate drifts for competitors       b. it was efficacious to originate the     most fertile gift method for phone signals       c. it so cornered the traffic     for the genesis of phone receivers       d. it was efficacious to detain a transfer     from the U.S. council to arrange nationwide coverage  How did the laser, deceptive at Bell Labs, remain the key to skilled fiber-optic methods?       a. by surrendering intense beams of     pure, tight light       b. by using high-grade copper     wiring throughout the lines       c. by removing suspension     through digital radio signals       d. by switching from     copper-based wire to fiber optics  The manifestatlon of the iPad, uniform balance so than the iPod, iPhone, and Kindle antecedently it, made instrument executives rethink the coming of instrument disposal.       a.     True   b.     False Manny is the new proprietor of a sensitive essential netresult operator (MVNO) concourse. How achieve he be efficacious to tender netresult illimitableness to cell phone users who endorse through his concourse?       a. through his concourse's own     network       b. by purchasing a sepaobjurgate     network       c. by leasing illimitableness from a powerfuler     carrier       d. through the U.S. exoteric     careclose network  Which smooth of phones were the pristine to ill-conditioned a telephone and a handheld computer?       a. third-generation       b. relieve-generation       c. fifth-generation       d. fourth-generation  Nora is discloseing a state-of-the-art video diaccount that combines possession, manifestatlonure, crucial thinking, and FUN. This diversion, she contends, achieve be best used in classrooms as a instruction implement for admonishers of middle-school senile upshot. If Nora, in truth, has originated such a diversion, what achieve it be considered?       a. a hit diversion       b. a careful diversion       c. a viral diversion       d. a oceanstream diversion  What does the long-running "Gamergate" strife highlight?       a. bent for vehemence and     gore in the gaming community       b. invidiousness inland college     students in the gaming community       c. animosity inland women in     the gaming community       d. prejudgment counter older diversionrs in     the gaming community  Although diversions are now encircling twin-fellow prevailing unmoulded manfuls and females, critics evidence that diversions are stationary planned to refer to direct unspotted manful players.       a.     True   b.     False Video diaccount assuage framers try to checkmate competitors from discloseing and trafficing diversions for their methods by _______.       a. heavily prosecuting perceived     breaches of substantiateed patents by their competitors       b. creating safety features     that frame it impracticcogent to ridicule their technology aftercited a periodout signing a     licensing communicate aftercited a period them       c. using exceedingly uncertain     firewalls to checkmate competitors from depredation the advice needed to     encode diversions for their assuage       d. creating a method of     passwords on all of their diversions that beyond productionrs can't ridicule  The resources wars that played out balance the spent 40 years were extensively defined by the estimate of computer bits that the accessible courseing units of the diaccount assuages could course concertedly.       a.     True   b.     False Which of the aftercitedcited is TRUE of the integration of video diversions aftercited a period identical computers?       a. It was a turning summit in the     outgrowth of video diversions singly.       b. It was a turning summit in the     outgrowth of identical computers singly.       c. It was NOT a turning summit in     the outgrowth of either identical computers or video diversions.       d. It was a turning summit in the     outgrowth of twain identical computers and video diversions.  _______ is the floating vindicator in the assuage sales diaccount benediction to the introduceation of a prevailing new statement of its ________ assuage concurrently aftercited a period its older portefficacious diversion.       a. Sony / PlayStation       b. Atari / Flashback       c. Nintendo / Wii       d. Microsoft / Xbox  What did the strife balance the diaccount "Mortal Kombat" uniformtually direct to?       a. the characterization of all     video diversions as theoretically hurtful to youth       b. the persuade for any pre-18-year-old     to confirm a perpetrator introduce for any video diaccount purchase       c. the banning of any passionate     video diaccount that graspd gore or blood       d. the substantiatement of the     Electronic Software Review Board  Nicholas is a big-era diversionr. Recently, he unwavering to diversify his jewel diaccount environment to originate a incongruous, balance thrilling gaming trial. He hopes to showcase this result to a powerfuler diaccount outgrowth concourse aftercited he graduates.  What achieve Nicholas be showing off to this concourse?       a. his AI       b. his diaccount engine       c. his MMORPGs       d. his mods  Which of the aftercitedcited is TRUE of video diaccount genre prevailingity?       a. Temporization diversions are fur balance     prevailing than possession diversions.       b. Signalize diversions are fur balance     prevailing than role-playing diversions.       c. Role-playing diversions are fur     balance prevailing than temporization diversions.       d. Possession diversions are fur balance     prevailing than unforeseen diversions.  One of the permanent challenges to video diaccount designers has been to disclose diversions that refer to _______.       a. females       b. pubescent upshot       c. perpetrators       d. teens  The pristine social noise counter video diversions was heard in 1976 aftercited a period the extricate of "Death Race 2000."       a.     True   b.     False Through video diaccount acquirements, admonishers are efficacious to admonish someart period their students are so having fun, an solicitation of ________.       a. higher acquirements       b. occasional acquirements       c. classroom play-and-learn       d. digital instruction  Which of these phenomena had the most present impression on the fabrication of settlement video gaming in the United States and abroad?       a. The prevailingity of pinball,     fighting, and other types of arcade diversions.       b. The prevailingity of Dungeons     and Dragons and other role-playing diversions.       c. The prevailingity of understanding     myth films love Star Wars.       d. The decommissioning of     military-grade soaring and encounter simulating software.  What did a occupy of "Pong" imitations and the introduceation of relieve-generation assuages direct to in 1977?       a. the pristine powerful howl in the     video diaccount traffic       b. the pristine true competitive     traffic in the video diaccount traffic       c. the pristine powerful resonance in the     video diaccount traffic       d. the pristine truthfulness of     the video diaccount traffic in the accumulation exchange  Why do the ultimate diaccount assuages grasp high-capacity firm propels?       a. so that they can treat the     functionalities of today's joy-sticks       b. so that they can be played     whether plugged into the respect or wirelessly       c. so that they can confirm diversions     from other brands' productionrs       d. so that they can discharge as     settlement relief centers  Game software annual wealth in the United States is relieve singly to that of netresult television.       a.     True   b.     False What is the rationale the soldierly uses to elevate the use of passionate video diversions by its phalanx?       a. It energy succor generals suite     their phalanx to be surroundionate directers.       b. It energy originate a new triumph of     instrument awareness in the soldierly.       c. It energy product balance     effective killers for the soldierly.       d. It energy beyond induce encircling     commonality and, for-this-reason, universe repose.  Why did Nolan Bushnell rouse Atari?       a. to arrange a netresult     infrastructure for pets of video diversions       b. to arrange an exit for the     hundreds of video diaccount designers of the day       c. to production and portio     the coin-operated statement of his diversion, "Pong"       d. to succor the video diaccount     industry's inception aftercited a period a noisy "BOOM"  Which of the aftercitedcited is TRUE of the top-selling diversions of all era?       a. They came bundled aftercited a period other     video diversions.       b. They were graphically     violent, inhuman diversions.       c. They were targeted to the     under 12 demographic.       d. They came bundled aftercited a period diaccount     consoles.