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1)  Creating Crew E-mail/WIFI/Internet Use Policies. You bear upright been compensated as the Warranty Manager of a medium-sized Financial Services crew employing 250 community in New Hampshire, and bear been asked to transcribe two new warranty policies for this crew. The primary one is an e-mail management for employees concentrating on divorceicular use of crew instrument. The promote management is that of WIFI and Internet use among the crew. There are multifarious instrument conducive on the web so researching these themes and policies should be facile. The most up-hill divorce of this practice conquer be determining how severe or how moderate you absence to mould these policies for this divorceicular crew. Project Plan You are asked to compose two detached policies on use of EMAIL and a WIFI/INTERNET USE among the crew. Be unfair in your provisions and provisions of use. Consider these items to be interposed in your policies (as convenient). 1. Overview  2. Purpose  3. Scope 4. Policy  5. Management Compliance 6. Related Standards, Policies and Processes 7. Definitions and Terms Some suited links and instrument for your research: https://resources.workable.com/email-usage-policy-template https://www.sans.org/security-resources/policies/general/pdf/email-policy https://resources.infosecinstitute.com/acceptable-use-policy-template-public-wifi-networks/#gref https://www.techrepublic.com/article/download-our-wireless-policy-template/ 2)In no hither than 500 utterance, unobstructed-up your theme Networksecuritychallanges. Clear-up how it is bearing to network warranty. Be as unobstructed as you can in unobstructed-uping your theme by using examples, software, hardware, etc