1200 words and three scholarly sources

1. This week, we bear a emend knowledge on how a emergency could be partially sudden and unpredictable. For your Unit 3 Complete assignment, transcribe a truth essay (stint 1200 language) in which you gain discourse and sift-canvass the questions and statements listed adown. Use at smallest three well-informed sources (including the textbook) and retain to teach a perfect knowledge of any apparent balbutiation assignments, the READ and the ATTEND sections in your essay. You are required to name your sources in the ordinary APA format. What strategies should be definitive at the start of a emergency? Is there a one-size-fits-all policy for full emergency? Defend your tally. Effective start is expedient during a emergency. Do you comport or misadapt? What start traits would you neglect to see during a emergency from your Emergency Management Team guide? Explain the 7-step judgment making way that should be used during a emergency. Are there additional steps that should be considered? How has technology modifiable how organizations now touch delay their employees and the topical nationality? What despatch strategies should be considered when managing a emergency?