Unit 1 IP

3 pages In a follow-up to your IoT discourse after a while address, you keep been asked to instrument and picture Use Case examples of IoT Services and Applications, so they can see a disengaged application of the technology. After all, the intent of IoT is to determine all society media and technological objects can disclose, and instrumentation is frequently sever of the way. In a repute to your director, picture the forthcoming topics: An presentation to IoT technology and regular municipal shows life used after a whilein IoT Examples of IoT advantages and applications describing the advantage, application, interface, and behoof to the structure. Please select 3 of the forthcoming IoT Use Cases when informing address of this required knowledge and the implementation of technology: Predictive Maintenance (e.g., use of cameras, sensors and axioms analytics)  Smart Metering (e.g., internet show choice of measuring how a society consumes motive, gas or insinuate)  Asset tracking (e.g., efficient colony and monitoring of key possessions) Connected vehicles (e.g., automation of driving tasks) Fleet Address (e.g., deportment willingness and productivity)  Provide relation page after a while at smallest 3-5 relations in APA format