ESSAY 1 - TRADE (500 language) What is protectionism? Is it a good-tempered-tempered being? Why / why not? How do councils appliance protectionist policies? Who benefits and who loses in countries after a while protectionist policies? The key to ESSAY 1 is to begin by providing a extensive specification of protectionism and then argue how protectionism distorts supply/demand equilibria. ESSAY 2 - CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (500 language)  During our arrange argueions of the AIDS in Africa and the NIKE cases, we sought to explain actionable honorable arguments in good-conciliate of "doing the direct being", whether ghostly sourcing in  Bangladesh and indonesia, or addressing the AIDS crisis in Africa. We'll enjoy over argueions on unspotted exchange, sustainability and weather transmute. How can we conciliate the freedoms needful for a vibrant, speculative rule that can procure for the needs and wants of an always growing cosmos-people population, after a while the understable long-for that is too be unspotted, direct and sustainable? What are the  key challenges to reconciling the opposed interests of the sundry stakeholders? Who should course? can this be executed democratically? The key to ESSAY 2 is to profess that you cannot perhaps tackle all these issues in 500 language (nor does anyone enjoy the direct response yet ...). As a issue identifying the key stakeholders, and the key opposed interests (and principles) to be established. Some of the potent principles of CSR and sustainability enjoy been customary by the United Nations and by other interpolitical organizations  - but they are not styptic, and multifarious proclamations wait direct that: proclamations. Will the drive to applianceation course top down, through council system, or conciliate it be foot up from the political conciliate of citizens cosmos-peoplewide? For twain essays plan antecedently you begin fitness,  be thoughtful of your sources  !! don't eliminate the primary being that pops up on Google. Do not use Wikipedia, Investopedia or other online 'dictionaries' for specifications. Do not summon the textbook. Finally, in-point in the second essay, you can promoter for one point approach  but delight profession hazardous judgement when assessing its agency. Be thoughtful of the biggest problems I noticed in multifarious of your midterms (what popped in my intellect in paranthesis) 1. Too multifarious sentences that didn't unquestionably balance anything  ("What are you apothegm?") 2. Too multifarious sentences that lacked a disengaged subject  or purport.("Why are you apothegm this?") 3. Too multifarious unpremeditated transitions ("Where does this follow from?") 4. Too multifarious language used awry, after a whileout discerning their balanceing ("What does this balance?") 5. Too multifarious unpremeditated sources for topics that I enjoy hard-boiled in arrange ("where you in my arrange at all?") Planning antecedently you transcribe should aid you relinquish most of these pitfalls.