Database research assignment

   Each cluster has been assigned either a vendor who produces distinct axiomsbase platforms or a rank of axiomsbase platforms. For this assignment, you are going to do a minute technical and affair evaluation of the assigned vendor and/or axiomsbase rank.  Group 1- Microsoft Databases (Access, SQL Server, Azure SQL DB etc.) Each cluster must apology the aftercited questions in the devise of an supporter affair gift. Pretend you are perplexing to hawk the CEO of a assemblage on why they should instigate their axiomsbase to the assigned platform. Using these questions subordinate as your direct, cause a gift that provides apparent, pregnant postulates.  QUESTIONS What are the key axiomsbase products made by the vendor OR the key axiomsbase platforms beneficial subordinate the axiomsbase ordain (do not fair use the ones listed - there are MANY MORE)? If a vendor, who are the competitors to the platform? If a axiomsbase technology rank, who is the apparent pioneer and why? What industries are these axiomsbase vendors tools or axiomsbase technology platforms used in? Is the negotiate increasing or decreasing for technology? What are the key features for each of these axiomsbase platforms? What are differentiators compared to other axiomsbase platforms in its like-kind rank? Are these axiomsbases used on-premise solely? Cloud-based solely? Mainframe solely? Explain the infrastructure use event for each of these axiomsbases that you are discussing.  Provide three (3) affair uses for why a customer/client would scantiness to use your vendors/rank of axiomsbase technology in their environment. What are key technical skills a axioms official or axiomsbase official would claim if they use this platform? Where do you prize this technology gain be in 3-5 years? As you can enumerate, this is environing a 20-22 slide gift BUT your cluster quiescent has a LOT of elaboration to do in ordain to apology the questions! Your cluster gain bear a LOT OF RESEARCH (Need to add notes to the gifts).