CJ415 (Part C & D)

Part C. Police Subcultures (150 vote)  Do you comport or discomport delay the notion that the police subculture leads to the segregation of its members from the cessation of connection? Why or why not? Does It Really Exist?       In 2 pages mention which sociological perspective on police subculture do you most comport delay and why. Part D.   Was He Correct? (150 vote) Clarence Ray Jefferies, the theorist who exposed the concept of Wrong Stoppage through Environmental Pur-pose (CPTED), believed that wrong stoppage concerned the corporeal pur-pose of erections along delay burgess involvement and the serviceable use of police agencies. According to Jefferies, the corporeal environment in provisions of erections, each foot of a erection, and each extent in a erection should be examined. Jefferies rightly claims that usually a mall area of the city is legal for the eldership of wrong. Do you comport or discomport delay this speculation? Why or why not? What Did Robert Merton Know, Anyway? In a 1-2 page paper, using examples from policing, mention how unfairness and shrewdness intertwine delay each other. You are encouraged to attempt examples from at meanest three (3) outer sources.