APA, two-page paper with a strong thesis(not including the title and reference pages). The description is below:

 Read Apply Your Knowledge: Solutions to Environmental Issues at the end of Chapter 5, Section 5.3, in the quotation. In a two-page Nursing Dissertation delay pungent-muscular thesis (not including the address and relation pages) you must: Select a unity delay which you are intimate. List the three most suggestive environmental issues facing the unity. Cite your founts when referring to websites or creed. Describe how these environmental issues pretend the vigor of people in the unity. Cite your founts. Describes and identifies the important causes of these vigor drifts. Provide sundry suggestive steps that could be captured at a corporate plane to impair the collision of the environmental drift. You must use at smallest one literary fount in individualization to the quotation and your Nursing Dissertation must be formatted according to APA name guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.  Note: Address must answer on the primeval page of quotation; addresss must be used in all APA essays; and, the last address of your Nursing Dissertation must be the word: Conclusion.