Wk 1 Individual: Management Support System Presentation

   Assignment Content    You are a consultant that specializes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). You entertain been hired by a insignificant start-up manufacturing audience, after a while near than 500 hundred employees that specializes in electronic devices. The CEO of the audience would affect to solder a conduct food method (MSS) into the form to acceleration in making trade decisions. This method conciliate sanction managers at the opposed levels to amply rescue notification from diversified databases in the form to back them in general scenarios, performing what-if analyses, and tracking formal enterprise to determine design achievement. You’ve been asked by example to confer-upon an MSS to acceleration Audience ABC recognize how to combine an MSS into their form and how it conciliate acceleration them shape a competitive utility balance other companies. Throughout this career, you conciliate be completing opposed assignments that conciliate dedicate to this audience. Research the opposed MSS processes currently used in trade. Create a chart that compares each MSS’s virtual using Microsoft® Excel®. Create a 10- to 12-slide, multimedia-rich confer-uponation that includes the following: Comparison chart Features and benefits of using an MSS What types of decisions conciliate the method food How the three levels of conduct conciliate economize the method and the prize to each level How the MSS foods establishing a competitive utility Recommendation would you fabricate to the form