Imagine you are the bond supervisor for a startup troop and they entertain asked you to produce a budget for the bond function. The troop accomplish be a 200,000 balance foundation treasury that stores electronics. There accomplish be 10 loading doors, 10 offices for staff, and a shipping and receiving function. The treasury has 5 register and egress doors aside from the abbreviate doors. The parking lot has 50 parking stalls. Write a 1,750-word offer in which you project a budget for bond of the treasury, its contents, the staff, and customers. Include the forthcoming in your offer: 24 hour bond shelter - How multifarious bond officials do you approve for this idea of a address? The require per official for a liberal year. The whole require for the bond staff. Salary for the bond supervisor per year. Fire arrangement naturalized (sum of haul stations, fume detectors & guide panels naturalized). Approx. how multifarious intellect extinguishers accomplish we demand throughout the structure? What idea and require per item? Burglary arrangement naturalized (idea and division of door alarms, motion sensors and guide panels naturalized). Do you approve a circumscribe environing the external of the ownership? If so, what idea? Do you approve a bearing for external keeper? If so, what idea and the require. Do you approve a Segway idea project for internal keeper? If so, the require. Cameras naturalized for internal and external (whole sum and the idea that accomplish be used). The idea and require of lighting accomplish you use on the external parking lot.  What is your approveation for the "high end" electronics that end in? Explain the requires implicated, if any. Miscellaneous - Any other payment that you government deem of accomplish demand to be assumed and explained. There is no set dollar aggregate for this offer but be as detailed as potential. There should be a whole dollar aggregate for unimpeded requires of the bond function. Format your assignment accordant after a while APA guidelines. Attach TURNITIN REPORT